COMMITTEE:†††††††††† Academic Awards


MEETING DATE:††† Feb. 7, 2008


PERSON PRESIDING:††††† Patricia Dragon


REGULAR MEMBERS IN ATTENDANCE:†††††† Jennifer Williams, Jessica Christie, Rebecca Powers, Slobodanka Dimova, Chris Jantzen, B. Lust.


EX-OFFICIO MEMBERS IN ATTENDANCE:††† Dorothy Muller, Paul Gemperline, James Caviness.




Meeting time:  3pm 





Agenda Item:Approval of September 2007 meeting minutes (





Action Taken:Minutes approved.



Assigned additional duties to: N/A




Agenda Item:Reports from each of the subcommittees on progress toward completion of their work.




University Alumni Awards (Dimova):Have selected 8 finalists and solicited their videos, which are due Feb. 26.The subcommittee is meeting March 28 to select the winners.D. Muller expressed concern about the late date of the selection, because of the need to prepare for the teaching awards ceremony on April 29.She indicated that the winners should be selected if possible by March 1 next year.S. Dimova indicated the subcommittee would try to complete its work earlier.


Max Ray Joyner (Williams):Have selected 3 finalists and solicited their videos, which are due Feb. 29.The subcommittee is meeting March6 to pick winners.They plan to have their information to D. Muller by March 10.


Research Awards (Lust):  There will be no 2008 Lifetime Award.Dr. Mageeanís office has been informed of this.The subcommittee is still conferring on the 5 year award, which does not need to go to the Board of Trustees.


Board of Governors (Muller):Recommendations for the Excellence in Teaching Award were made by January 25.Recommendations for the Distinguished Professor for Teaching Award should be made in February.


Rebecca Powers expressed concerns about how to evaluate the "impact" on their respective fields of candidates applying for Research awards.  A discussion followed.  Comments were made that letters of recommendation must address "impact in the field" and that in the future, subcommittees may be formed based upon the expertise of committee members.



Action Taken:None



Assigned additional duties to: D. Muller offered to do a timeline for the subcommittees for next year.



The meeting adjourned at 4pm. 





NEXT MEETING:††† March 6, 2008


ITEMS TO BE DISCUSSED:††††††† Reports from subcommittees on progress toward completion of their work.