Faculty Senate Resolution #10-24

Approved by the Faculty Senate:  March 30, 2010

Approved by the Chancellor:  pending



Academic Awards Committee

University Scholarship of Engagement Award

(Editorially revised deadline dates, 4-21-10)



University Scholarship of Engagement Award



The purpose of the Scholarship of Engagement Award is to recognize one full time faculty member annually for achievement in the scholarship of engagement and a sustained commitment to partnered scholarly endeavors with communities.


The scholarship of engagement (SOE) is scholarly activity in which faculty participate in connection with community partners. The community is viewed as an equal partner and works collaboratively through all aspects of the program from topic identification, data collection, implementation, analysis, and dissemination. The scholarship products are professional presentations and publications along with research studies of partnerships, documentation of community response to engagement and outreach, and other forms of assessment that have been disseminated by means of reports and policies.


Community Engagement  focuses on collaborative interactions with community. The focus is a mutually planned and beneficial exchange, exploration, and application of knowledge, information, and resources.



Full time faculty members in all colleges and schools are eligible to be nominated or self-nominate for the award. There is one award given annually.



The faculty member receiving this award will provide:

1.    Evidence that the SOE positively impacted the community(ies).

2.    Evidence of sustained and equal relationships with the community(ies) for the purpose of scholarship.

3.    Evidence of a relationship between SOE, ECU Tomorrow, and department/unit goals.

4.    Evidence of leadership in SOE.

5.    Products related to the dissemination of SOE in juried presentations, publications, and in appropriate and accessible public venues.



Department-level academic units (to include ‘areas of concentration’ in the School of Art) may select nominees for the Scholarship of Engagement award consideration at the University level.  Nominations may also be forwarded directly from the individual candidate or any collegial representative of the candidate’s field of work.  All nominations must consider the definition of the scholarship of engagement when determining eligible faculty. The nomination letter, not to exceed two pages in length, should explain why the nominee deserves the award.


The nominee will provide a portfolio that is a maximum of 20 pages (no appendices, 1 inch margins all around, minimum of 11 point font). Any portfolios that do not adhere to these directions will not be reviewed. The portfolio must include: 

1.    A 500-word essay that describes SOE from the nominee’s perspective including the impact of the       SOE on the community(ies), ECU and the discipline.

2.    A CV highlighting the nominee’s SOE that is a maximum of 5 pages (1 inch margins all around, minimum of 11 point font).

3.    Appropriate evidence illustrating that the nominee meets the criteria for the award. A letter of nomination, not to exceed two pages, should indicate why the nominee deserves the award.  Examples of evidence might include letters that attest to the impact on the unit, discipline, students and/or community; abstracts of grants, articles and presentations; media reports; awards; photographs with captions.



Nomination letters, directly from the individual candidate or any collegial representative of the candidate’s field of work, must be received in the Faculty Senate office no later than September 15 of each year. Nominated faculty who wish to pursue the award shall submit the portfolio of all evaluative materials to the Academic Awards Committee c/o the Office for Faculty Excellence by November 1 at 5:00 pm. No additional materials will be accepted after this date.


The Academic Awards Committee will review the nominees based upon the criteria for the award and will provide the Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Studies their recommendation(s) along with the names and portfolios of all nominees. The Vice Chancellor will review the recommended nominee’s portfolio based upon the award procedures and after conferring with the Committee will determine the awardee. The Vice Chancellor will send letters of award recognition to the successful faculty member and the Awards Committee. The Vice Chancellor will recognize all nominees via a letter.



The award carries a monetary prize and a plaque. Recognition will occur at the ECU Awards Recognition Ceremony.