COMMITTEE:  Admission and Retention Policies Committee

MEETING DATE: Monday, October 4  (3:30 to 5:00 pm)


REGULAR MEMBERS IN ATTENDANCE: Wendy Sharer, Amy Frank, Patrice Morris, Natalie Stewart

EX-OFFICIO MEMBERS IN ATTENDANCE:  Sherri Jones, Jayne Geissler, John Fletcher, Catherine Rigsby, Travis Poole

OTHERS IN ATTENDANCE:   Kristen Bonatz, Nita Boyce, Paul Gemperline




Agenda Item: Approval of Minutes of September 13.


Discussion:  N/A


Action Taken:  Minutes approved by email


Assigned Additional Duties To:  Natalie will forward approved minutes to Lori Lee.



Agenda Item:  Latest draft of the Academic Integrity Policy


Discussion:  Discussion involved the following topics: 

-Length of the document. Is it possible to create a condensed version?

-Questions over allowing leniency versus needing to report all suspected violations to the OSSR. 

-Guidelines for working with distance learning students regarding face to face meetings.

-The possibility of adding a section that discusses research misconduct as separate from academic misconduct.

-The registrar's ability to remove the "XF" designation, yet still track that failed course to be sure it's always factored into GPA and never grade replaced.

-The use of "should" versus "will" in some of the wording.

-Allowing students to revise and resubmit an appeal request after the initial appeal has been denied.

-Having the panel members for graduate students consist entirely of graduate faculty.

-The ability for the AIB to make recommendations.

            -Is it clear to whom they are making the recommendations?

            -It it required that those individuals comply with the AIB's recommendations?


Action Taken:  Wendy Sharer made some edits based on the discussion.




Assigned Additional Duties To:

-Wendy will send the edited version to the committee for an email vote. 

-Wendy will alert Maggie to the changes. 

-If the document is approved, it will be sent to the University Attorney's office for additional comments before it goes to the Faculty Senate.