COMMITTEE:  Admission and Retention Policies Committee

MEETING DATE: Monday, November 1, 2010  (3:30 to 4:45 pm)


REGULAR MEMBERS IN ATTENDANCE: Natalie Stewart, Patrice Morris, Amy Frank, Wendy Sharer, Cathy Misulis, Allison Danell


OTHERS IN ATTENDANCE:  Travis Poole, Mark Sprague




Agenda Item: Approval of Minutes of October 4.


Discussion:  N/A


Action Taken:  Minutes approved by email


Assigned Additional Duties To:  Natalie will forward approved minutes to Lori Lee.




Agenda Item:  Clarification of our committee’s charge and responsibilities vis-à-vis Academic Standards


Discussion:  Would like to identify any potential points of confusion by comparing the two committee charges. Our committee charge is linked here. The Academic Standards Committee’s charge is linked here.


Consider also the policies on which our two committees jointly reported last year to consider how to prevent duplication of work:

          Class Attendance and Participation Regulations

          Student Conduct

          Disruptive Academic Behavior


-Suggestion was made to merge items 4A and 4B in the charge for the "Admission and Retention Policies Committee" to prevent redundancy.

-Suggestion was made to delete phrase "to the Faculty Senate" in 4B, as it is also mentioned in Item #5.

-Suggestion was made to change the name of the "Admission and Retention Policies Committee" to more accurately represent the charge.

-Suggestion was made to have a table that described the charges of each committee.


Action Taken: 

-Joseph asked committee members to email him suggestions for a new name.




Assigned Additional Duties To:  

-Joseph will email Wendy with draft of revisions to the committee’s charge, for her to take to Committee on Committees.

-Joseph will contact Committee on Committees to make recommendations of suggested changes.

-Joseph will contact the chair of the Academic Standards committee to discuss possible name changes for the committee.



Agenda Item:  Notice of two new PRR’s: Religious Observances (


Discussion:  Do either of these require any changes to Faculty Manual policies?

-If the absence goes through the Dean of Students, and a university excused absence is issued, then there is no change required to the Faculty Manual, as it already addresses religious holidays.


Action Taken: 


Assigned Additional Duties To: 

-Joseph will send an email to the Dean of Students to confirm that the excused absences for religious holidays would be vetted through that office.



Agenda Item:  Notice of two new PRR’s:  Student Conduct Process (



-This policy refers to non-academic conduct, so it may not apply to the policies in this committee.

-Suggestion was made to review the policy to be sure that it was clear that the academic conduct was outlined in a separate policy.

-Suggestion was made to provide a link in the "Student Conduct Process" policy to the "Academic Integrity Policy".


Action Taken:


Assigned Additional Duties To: 

-Joseph will discuss with Dr. Walker whether and how this PRR should refer to related policies, like the Academic Disruptive Behavior policy and the Academic Integrity Policy.



Agenda Item:  Changing the add/drop policy to five days, instead of allowing that extra day for add only.



-The current policy sometimes results in a student's entire schedule being cancelled if the added class is not paid for by the deadline.

-Discussion ensued about the policy being "unfriendly" to students, possibly affecting the ability to retain the students who are affected.


Action Taken:


Assigned Additional Duties To: 

-Jayne will see where the add/drop policy is listed in the undergraduate catalogue.

-Joseph will put this on the agenda for the next meeting.

-Joseph will invite members from the Registrar, the Cashier and the Financial Aid offices to the next meeting.





Next meeting date: December 6                    


Adjourned: 4:45 PM