COMMITTEE:            Admission & Retention Policies Committee

MEETING DATE:      December 6, 2010  (3:30 pm to 5:00 pm)     

PERSON PRESIDING:         W. Joseph Thomas    

REGULAR MEMBERS IN ATTENDANCE:  Wendy Sharer, Amy Frank, Kathy Misulis, Patrice Morris

EX-OFFICIO MEMBERS IN ATTENDANCE:  Jayne Geissler, Sherri Jones, Travis Poole, Catherine Rigsby

OTHERS IN ATTENDANCE:  Hunt McKinnon, Julie Poorman, Dee Bowling, Amanda Fleming, Paul Zigas, Mark Sprague, Paul Gemperline, Marianna Walker, Likkia Moody



Agenda Item: Approval of Minutes of November 1.

Discussion:  N/A

Action Taken:  Minutes approved by email

Assigned Additional Duties To:  Approved minutes already forwarded to Lori Lee.


Agenda Item:  Changing the add/drop policy to five days, instead of allowing that extra day for add only.

Discussion:   Jayne Geissler, Julie Poorman, Dee Bowling, and Amanda Fleming shared with the committee the needs of this proposed policy change.  Discussion followed.

Action Taken:  Proposed policy approved with additional amendments.  Proposed implementation date will be 1st summer session.

Assigned Additional Duties To:  WJ Thomas will send revised version to Faculty Senate Agenda Committee


Agenda Item:  Academic Integrity Policy and graduate students

Discussion:  Input from the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilties and the Graduate School were reviewed and discussed. 

Action Taken:

Assigned Additional Duties To:  Representatives of the committee will attend the next GSAB meeting to provide more input.  Wendy Sharer will update the proposal to reflect the most current edits and then share  by email.  Committee will vote by email on any additional revisions, and once passed, Thomas will send revised version to Faculty Senate Agenda Committee


Next meeting date:     February 7, 3:30pm