COMMITTEE:  Academic Standards Committee           


MEETING DATE:    March 20, 2006


PERSON PRESIDING:      George Bailey


REGULAR MEMBERS IN ATTENDANCE:       Bailey, Bass, Decker, McConnell, Richardson, Smith-Carter




OTHERS IN ATTENDANCE:        see below







Agenda Item: Minutes of Feb. 6, 2006


Action Taken:  approved




Agenda Item: The definition and the criteria for designation of a course as a Service Learning course, and how the designation of Service Learning affects the duties of the Academic Standards Committee (ASC).


Discussion:  The ASC is considering the issue of Service Learning courses because (1) ASC needs to establish criteria for academic credit, and these criteria cannot be established by an administrative committee, and (2) because the adoption of a definition/criteria for Service Learning is not an internship nor is it credit for community service, but it is for academic credit.  Service Learning courses should be academic courses with strong academic content, and unless the course is designed to teach how to teach service learning, then the courses should not have “service learning” in the title of the course.  The question, towards what end are we developing Service Learning courses, also arose.  A related, more specific question also was asked:  Does ECU plan on requiring any of these courses for graduation or departmental requirements?  There was no clear directive related to either question.


Action Taken:             Recommend to the Service Learning Advisory Committee that the definition and criteria for Service Learning courses be more precisely defined to distinguish Service Learning courses from community-based instruction and community-based internships.




Agenda Item: Outcomes assessment for learning outcomes in Foundations Curriculum courses.


Discussion:  Dr. Michael Poteat has been stressing the need for Outcome assessments in order to be prepared for future SACS reviews of ECU.  The ASC will need to provide guidelines for assessing the three goals that have recently been set as criteria for Foundations Curriculum courses.   There was also discussion on the need for a new independent committee dedicated to review the numerous assessments necessary for Foundations Curriculum courses, including new and past courses, and institutional effectiveness (see February 6, 2006 minutes).


Action Taken:              Draft guidelines for a change in outcome assessment for Foundations Curriculum courses at a future meeting.





ADJOURNED:         3:30 pm


NEXT MEETING:    To be determined


ITEMS TO BE DISCUSSED:  To be determined