COMMITTEE:                        Academic Standards Committee     


MEETING DATE:                  October 20, 2008


PERSON PRESIDING:        Linda Wolfe 




Stacey Altman, Michael Brown, Nancy Spalding, Mark Sprague, and Linda Wolfe




George Bailey, Justin Bowman, and Linner Griffin




Angela Anderson, Su-ching Huang, Amanda Klein, Steven Kresch, Anoush Terjanin, Karen Voytecki,


CALLED TO ORDER:          2:00 PM




Agenda Item:             Approval of the minutes from September 15, 2008


Action Taken:            Approved

Agenda Item:             Report of the appearance before the Faculty Senate on the proposal from the Service Learning Committee on 10/07/08


Discussion: L. Wolfe explained that a quorum was not present when the item came up for discussion. Thus, it will be carried over to the next meeting

Agenda Item:                         ENGL 3920 request for humanities


Discussion:                A. Klein presented the course and answered questions regarding the content. A. Klein will revise the proposal forms to include suggestions from Committee regarding “critical theory”. The Committee commented that as written the proposal seems to apply for social science credit rather than humanities credit, although the discussion made it clear that humanities credit designation would be appropriate.


Action Taken:            Approved

Agenda Item:             Discussion of the Great Books (series of courses) request for humanities credit.


Discussion:                A. Terjanin presented two courses (2400, 2500). There was considerable discussion about including the appropriate information for the proposal. The Committee worked with J. Stevens previously and there was improvement. The Committee made suggestions for further revision.


Action Taken:            Approved / Contingent upon Committee receiving revised syllabus to include greater detail in the syllabus as to “exactly” how things were being covered (particularly the research methods), and attention to Box #9 on the form.

Agenda Item:             Discussion of the NR grade.


Discussion:                A. Anderson explained that, in regard to instructors turning in grades, the “48 hour” rule is no longer really in effect. The end of the exam period is the deadline. Still, faculty members persist in not meeting the deadline. There are consequences to the student in having the “I” for incomplete entered. In addition, the “I” does not accurately reflect the “grade situation”. Although, the NR does not address all of the potential negative consequences to students, it will be easier to discern what the real situation is.


Action taken:              Motion to forward to Faculty Senate Approved. L.Wolfe will seek time on the agenda to represent the item.

Agenda Item:             Discussion of “18 hour rule”


Discussion:                Committee discussed the need to revisit this at ECU. M. Poteat indicated that SACS no longer strictly enforces the 18 hour rule, BUT does require justification for those without terminal degrees in the discipline providing instruction in that discipline. M. Poteat suggested working with Faculty Credentialing Committee (Sandra Warren, David Weismiller, John Reece, and Jan Tovey were thought to be members).


Action taken:              None

Agenda Item:             SOIS


Discussion:                L.Wolfe indicated that the Faculty Governance Committee will carry this on to Faculty Senate, if we approve the revision. M. Poteat clarified some language in the proposal. Committee discussed order and wording.


Action taken:              Approved wording:

1.      “The quality of teaching must be evaluated using multiple methods chosen from among the following:” (then a, b, c & d would be listed)

2.      in “c” – “mean absolute deviation” should be changed to two standard deviations.

Agenda Item:             Discussion of UNC Tomorrow phase 1 report (global perspective)


Discussion:                None


Action taken:              None

ADJOURNED:          3:40 p.m.


Respectfully submitted, Stacey Altman