COMMITTEE:                        Academic Standards Committee     

MEETING DATE:                 January 25, 2010 

PERSON PRESIDING:       Linda Wolfe 


Michael Albers, Michael Brown, Andrew Morehead, Nancy Spalding, Mark Sprague, Karen Voytecki, Linda Wolfe


George Bailey, Charles Hodson  

OTHERS IN ATTENDANCE:         Joseph Thomas (Admission & Retention cmt)

CALLED TO ORDER:         2:00 PM


Agenda Item:                        Minutes considered and approved.

Agenda Item:                        Chair provided information on status of three issues:

1.  Gifts Affecting the Curriculum.  The suggested changes were passed by email vote and sent on to Marrianne Walker.

2.  Institutional Survey Administration.  As it turned out this document only applied to IPAR.  I think we just need to recommend to them that they make that clear in the first part of their document and use the provisions of the document as they see fit.

3.  Consequences for Faculty Who Fail to Submit Grades.  The outline for a more workable and comprehensive policy for a procedure to deal with NR grades submitted by George Bailey and our comments were sent were sent to Marianne Walker December 9, 2009.  She sent back a thank you very much email in return.

Action:             Received as information.


Agenda Item:            Faculty Manual review: Continued to review of Part V as assigned. Office hours for DE classes, through completion of original assignment. 


Action:                        Completed.

Agenda Item:            New Business, University Attendance Policy.  Discussed drafts of proposed policy changes

Action:                        Approved amended draft, sent to Admission & Retention committee.

Special Order:           Set Agenda for February meeting;  to consider revisions to faculty manual 1V, Student Advising issues (1 A, B, C, O, Q, T, U, V, X, Y, BB).

ADJOURNED: 3:30 p.m.


Respectfully submitted, Nancy Spalding