COMMITTEE:                        Academic Standards Committee     

MEETING DATE:                  December 9, 2009 

PERSON PRESIDING:        Linda Wolfe 


Michael Albers, Michael Brown, Andrew Morehead, Nancy Spalding, Mark Sprague, Linda Wolfe

EX-OFFICIO MEMBERS PRESENT:        George Bailey, Linner Griffin  

CALLED TO ORDER:          10:00 AM



Agenda Item:             Minutes considered and approved.

Agenda Item:           Discussion of Documents:

Gifts Affecting the Curriculum: Concerns discussed, revisions proposed (see attached); an email vote by the committee of the precise wording of the revisions will be taken, then the document will be forwarded to Chair of Faculty.

Consequences for Faculty Who Fail to Submit Grades: After extensive discussion over a variety of concerns, the committee decided to forward an outline of the necessary policy to the originators of the proposal via Chair of Faculty for revision.

Institutional Survey Administration: The committee discussed a number of concerns, especially wrt classroom uses of survey; the committee will forward specific concerns to the chair (L. Wolfe) prior to Christmas; the concerns will be discussed with the policy originator in IPAR at the January 25 committee meeting.


Agenda Item:           Discussion of revised Part V as assigned

Action:                     Discussed through V1C, revisions attached; V1D will be discussed at January meeting. 

New business:           January meeting set (January 25, 2:00)

ADJOURNED: 11:50 a.m.


Respectfully submitted, Nancy Spalding