COMMITTEE:                        Academic Standards Committee     

MEETING DATE:                 February 15, 2010 

PERSON PRESIDING:       Linda Wolfe 


Michael Albers, Michael Brown, Andrew Morehead, Nancy Spalding, Mark Sprague, Karen Voytecki, Linda Wolfe


George Bailey, Linner Griffin  

OTHERS IN ATTENDANCE:         Joseph Thomas (Admission & Retention cmt)

CALLED TO ORDER:         2:00 PM


Agenda Item:                        Minutes considered.

Action:                        Approved

Agenda Item:                        Mona Russel (History) proposed that HIST 3669 earn FC:SO credit.

Action:                        Approved pending receipt of editorial revisions.


Agenda Item:            University Attendance Policy Draft.  Discussed changes developed with Admission & Retention committee.

Action:                        Approved changes.

Agenda Item:            Faculty Manual review: Final discussion  of Faculty Manual Part V, original assignment, including recommendations concerning locations of policy sections: A, C, O, Q, T, BB to Policy Manual; B, U to Policy Manual with other advising materials; the committee will rewrite the paragraph on faculty advisor duties (see V) for inclusion in the Faculty Manual; X will remain in the Faculty Manual, after links verified. Student Attendance (W) will remain in the Faculty Manual; Y will remain in Faculty Manual, after changes.

Action:                        Completed.


Special Order:           Clarification of sections to be discussed at March meeting: Student Disruptive Academic Behavior policy changes, Student Advising, Faculty Advisor duties; Y.

ADJOURNED: 3:20 p.m.


Respectfully submitted, Nancy Spalding