COMMITTEE:                        Academic Standards Committee     

MEETING DATE:                 March 15, 2010 

PERSON PRESIDING:       Linda Wolfe 


Michael Albers, Michael Brown, Andrew Morehead, Nancy Spalding, Mark Sprague, Karen Voytecki, Linda Wolfe


George Bailey, Linner Griffin, Kirk St. Amant  

OTHERS IN ATTENDANCE:         Mariana Walker

CALLED TO ORDER:         2:00 PM


Agenda Item:                        Minutes considered.

Action:                        Approved

Agenda Item:                        Steve Culver (Geological Sciences) proposed GEOL 1800 for FC:SC credit.

Action:                        Approved.                 

Agenda Item:             Marsha Ironsmith (Psychology) proposed PSYC 2777 for FC:SS credit

Action:                        Approved.

Agenda Item:              ADVISING ISSUE

The faculty Senate sent back K Office Hours and L Ordering Textbooks and Collateral Material for our re-consideration.  Some minor words changes and clarification was requested.

Action:                        discussion, modifications suggested,


Special Order:           Faculty Advising; M. Walker presented background for a discussion of issues relating to advising

Action:                        Issue put on agenda for discussion April 19 meeting; M. Brown distributed document for consideration.

Agenda Item:            Update and discussion on Faculty Manual:

Student Disruptive Academic Behavior, PartV, Y  Michael Brown

Student Conduct, PartV, X  Michael Brown

Action:                        mods to Student Disruptive Academic Behavior to be voted on by email;

Student conduct Part V, X to be discussed April 19.

ADJOURNED: 3:15 p.m.


Respectfully submitted, Nancy Spalding