COMMITTEE:                        Academic Standards Committee (herein after, the Committee)    


MEETING DATE:                  April 20, 2009


PERSON PRESIDING:        Linda Wolfe, Chair-ASC 



Stacey Altman, Michael Brown, Linda Crane Mitchell, Nancy Spalding, Mark Sprague, Karen Voytecki, and Linda Wolfe




                                                George Bailey, Michelle Elbe, and Steven Kresch                      



                                                Dr. Sheerer (Provost), Dr. Tovey (Chair of Faculty)




CALLED TO ORDER:          2:00 p.m.       




Agenda Item:             Approval of the minutes from 3/16/09


Discussion:                N. Spaulding asked about status ENGL 3290. L. Wolfe indicated that the proposal was revised and will be heard by Faculty Senate tomorrow


Action Taken:            Approved


Agenda Item:             Discussion with Provost Sheerer on the rejected changes to Appendix C regarding use of SOIS.


Discussion:                L. Wolfe and others articulated the issues (online response rate low, etc.) leading to the adoption of the original resolution. J. Tovey and M. Sheerer listened and commented. All agreed that it is too late to adopt anything for this year. Next year, M. Sheerer and J. Tovey noted that they would advise Deans to look at Codes – make sure evaluation guidelines are consistent with multiple methods approach. Also, even if nothing new is adopted M. Sheerer and J. Tovey noted a reminder to Deans to remind Chairs of the availability of/the necessity of using additional measures of effectiveness (methods of evaluation) is necessary. (For example, Chairs should encourage all faculty to take peer observation obligation seriously so that information will be useful in judging teaching effectiveness).

The Committee noted that the Chancellor does not have a representative on the Committee. Everyone agreed that more communication (earlier in the process) would be a good thing.


Action Taken:                        Agreed to take it up again next year

Agenda Item:             Discussion of Foundation Curriculum Courses at the 3000 and 4000 level.


Discussion:                N. Spaulding articulated reasons for not adopting a “blanket” policy. Committee suggested taking it up again next year. L. Wolfe indicated that she would add it to plan for next year.


Action Taken:            Agreed to take it up next year


Agenda Item:             Discussion of items to consider next year (in addition to Appendix C and considering new proposals for FC credit).


Discussion:                -We will follow up on Foundations Curriculum “program” Assessment process  (are FC goals being met?).


Action taken:              Approved


ADJOURNED:          3:15 p.m.       


Respectfully submitted, Stacey Altman