COMMITTEE:   Academic Standards Committee      


MEETING DATE:   September 17, 2007




REGULAR MEMBERS IN ATTENDANCE:  Lorenzo, Pestaner, Richardson, Spalding, Thomas,




OTHERS IN ATTENDANCE: Mark Taggart, Chair of the Faculty






Agenda Item:†††† Election of officers


Action Taken:Nominations were made and discussed for the offices of Chair, Vice-Chair and Secretary for this committee.Linda Wolfe was re-elected as Chair, Nancy Spalding was elected as Vice-Chair, and Mark Richardson was re-elected as Secretary.


Agenda Item: Volunteer from our committee to serve as a representative on the Service Learning committee.


Discussion:  Michael Brown and Linner Griffin, ex-officio members of the Academic Standards committee, have agreed to again serve our representatives on the Service Learning committee.


Action Taken: Approved



Agenda Item: Volunteer from our committee to serve as a representative on the Athletics committee.


Discussion:Joseph Thomas has agreed to again serve as our representative on the Athletics committee.


Action Taken:Approved



Agenda Item:Discussion of the next meeting dates


Discussion: After looking at the academic calendar and the scheduled meeting dates for the Academic Standards committee, the members agreed that there was a need to find an alternate date for an October meeting since the normal date (3rd Monday of each month) falls during Fall Break.Other open dates to consider include a date in December and January.The problem with normal January date is that it conflicts with the MLK holiday.


Action Taken:†† The committee agreed to meet on October 22, 2007 due to the pressing need to discuss issues facing our committee.It was agreed to determine at a later date whether the committee will meet in December.The committee agreed to tentatively schedule a meeting for January 14, 2008.



Agenda Item: A list of issues that the Academic Standards committee will need to address during this term.


Discussion:  The list of issues that need to be addressed during this academic year include:


   Consideration of courses brought forward for Foundations Credit

   Consideration of moving SOIS from paper distribution to online (for on-campus courses) and the results of using the on-line version for Distance Education courses.

   Preparing for the SACS assessment of Foundations Credit courses

†††††††††††† (George Bailey has been working on this)

   Consideration of using the CLA exam through discussions with Mike Poteat


Action Taken:The committee agreed that we will consider courses for Foundations Credit as they are submitted and can be scheduled.We will again call Michael Poteat to discuss the move of SOIS to an on-line version and how this has worked for DE courses.In preparation for the upcoming SACS review, we will invite David Weismiller (who has been appointed by the Chancellor to head the preparations for the SACS review) to speak with the committee with regard to our role in the preparations.It was agreed to again invite Michael Poteet to discuss ECUís possible move toward using the CLA and how that would impact Foundations courses.



ADJOURNED: 2:20 p.m. 


NEXT MEETING:  October 22, 2007 at 2:00 PM (Rawl Annex)


ITEMS TO BE DISCUSSED: A discussion of our role in the preparations for ECUís review by SACS with regard to Core Requirement for General Education to be led by Dr. David Weismiller. Additionally, discussion with Michael Poteat of SOIS issues and a proposal for how the SOIS should be used to evaluate teaching.