COMMITTEE:             Academic Standards


MEETING DATE:            January 28, 2002


PERSON PRESIDING:            John Tilley


REGULAR MEMBERS IN ATTENDANCE: Don Neal, Jim Decker, Nancy House, M.S. Ravi


EX-OFFICIO MEMBERS IN ATTENDANCE:       Bob Christian, Dorothy Muller, Mike Sandlin, Linda Godbold, Michael Bassman


OTHERS IN ATTENDANCE: Calvin Mercer, Philosophy; Daniel Sprau, Barney Cain, Mark Friend, Doug Kruger, Environmental Health Science, Safety and Technology; Ronald Newton, Biology; Chia-yu Li, Chemistry; James Joyce, Physics; Richard Caston, Sociology; Anthony Laker, Cheryl Estes, Steve Estes, Exercise and Sports Science           




Agenda Item: 1 – Approval of November 19, 2001 minutes


Action Taken:  Approved

Agenda Item  2 – Michael Bassman appointed to represent the Chancellor on the Academic Standards Committee


Agenda Item:  3 – Course proposal for which General Education credit is being requested:  RELI 2500


Action Taken:   Bassman/Godbold motion made and passed to approve General Education Humanities credit for  RELI 2500


Agenda Item  4 – Request  to classify all RELI courses as humanities, with the exception of RELI 3000.


Action Taken:  House/Neal motion made and passed to defer consideration of humanities classification for all RELI courses except RELI 3000.

Agenda Item:  5 –  Course proposal for which General Education is being requested:  EHST 2110;2111


Action Taken:

Bassman/Neal motion to defer, defeated.

Decker/Godbold motion made and passed to approve General Education natural Science credit for EHST 2110 and 2111.


Agenda Item   6– Other Business

John Tilley reported on the last several meetings of the General Education Assessment Committee.  That Committees current plan is to administer the “English” and “Science Reasoning” sections of the CAAP in the spring semester, 2002 to 250 or 500 students.




 3:00 February 18, 2002


Meeting adjourned 5:15