COMMITTEE:             Academic Standards

MEETING DATE:    November 19, 2001

PERSON PRESIDING:      John Tilley

REGULAR MEMBERS IN ATTENDANCE:       Michelle Sharp, Don Neal, Jim Decker, Richard Bamberg, Nancy House, M.S. Ravi

EX-OFFICIO MEMBERS IN ATTENDANCE:      Bob Christian, Dorothy Muller, Mike Sandlin

OTHERS IN ATTENDANCE:          Christa Reiser


Agenda Item: 1 – Approval of November 12, 2001 minutes

Action Taken:  Approved

Agenda Item:  2 – Course proposals for which General Education credit is being requested:  RELI 2500, WOST 3510, and WOST 3520

Action Taken:

Decker/Ravi Motion made and passed to approve General Education credit for  WOST  3510 and WOST 3520 .

Approval for RELI 2500 proposal deferred until additional information can be provided.

Agenda Item:  3 – Report of the subcommittee appointed at the November 12 meeting to consider unfinished business inherited from the former Teaching Effectiveness Committee.

Action Taken:

Bamberg/House motion made and passed that the Academic Standards Committee not address the business related to student and peer evaluation of distance education courses, which was business carried over from the former Teaching Effectiveness Committee.

Agenda Item 4 – Report from Don Neal and John Tilley of matters discussed in the last two meetings of the General Education Assessment Committee.

Action Taken:

Committee requests that John Tilley suggests that the College Base be administered as soon as possible in spring, as this would be a continuing assessment, not a pilot study.

Agenda Item  5 – Other Business

No other business


 3:00 January 28, 2002

Meeting adjourned 4:20.