COMMITTEE: Academic Standards


MEETING DATE: February 18, 2002




REGULAR MEMBERS IN ATTENDANCE: Michelle Sharp, Jim Decker, Nancy House


EX-OFFICIO MEMBERS IN ATTENDANCE: Dorothy Muller, Linda Godbold, Michael Bassman







Agenda Item: 1. Approval of January 28, 2002 minutes

Sharp/Godbold motion to pass


Action Taken:




Agenda Item: 2. Appointment of representative from Academic Standards Committee to University Athletics Committee


Action Taken:

Jim Decker appointed by John Tilley



Agenda Item: 3. General Education Humanities credit for RELI courses



Prof. Calvin Mercer requested that all RELI 3999 and lower classes be designated Humanities, General Education. After discussion of first motion, Prof. Mercer asked to withdraw his request.


Action Taken:

Bassman/House motion All present and future RELI courses 3999 and lower except those already designated as carrying general education credit in other areas will carry humanities general education credit.

Bassman/House agreed to withdraw motion.



Agenda Item 4. Discussion for approving the awarding of General Education credit

Discussion: The question was discussed about who should be notified about awarding General Education credit.


Action Taken: John Tilley will contact Dale Knickerbocker about possible change to course proposal form and will report back.




Agenda Item 5. General Education Assessment


Discussion: John Tilley reported that plans are underway to use CAAP to assess the English component of general education. MATH 1065 Common final exam is usable to assess the Math component of general education. Michael Poteat will derive appropriate sample groups, including transfers from community colleges. A comparison will be made of the results between those who attended ECU and those who transferred in from community colleges.


Action Taken: none



Agenda Item 6. Other business


No new business


NEXT MEETING: March 18, 2002