COMMITTEE:           Academic Standards


MEETING DATE:            March 18, 2002


PERSON PRESIDING:            John Tilley


REGULAR MEMBERS IN ATTENDANCE:  Michelle Sharp, Jim Decker, M. S. Ravi, Don Neal


EX-OFFICIO MEMBERS IN ATTENDANCE:  Dorothy Muller, Michael Bassman, Bob Christian        


OTHERS IN ATTENDANCE:        Bob Morrison, Sharon Bland



Agenda Item: 1.  Approval of February 18, 2002 minutes

Dicker/Bassman motion to pass


Action Taken:



Agenda Item: 2. Undergraduate Catalog's coverage of General Education requirements



Bland discussed problems with current definitions and procedures associated with designating courses for general education credit.  There is confusion over whether general education designation is based on area, prefix or department.  She would like a written statement from the Committee indicating guidelines.  The Committee recognized the confusion.


Action Taken:

The Committee reiterated the procedure that the University Curriculum Committee should receive all course proposals, and it will make the decision to forward a proposal to ASC.  Further guidelines need to be considered in the context of broader issues of general education and its future.


Agenda Item  3. Discussion of the relationship between General Education

requirements and the COMM prefix


Discussion:  None occurred.


Action Taken:  Godbold will address item at next meeting.


Agenda Item: 4.  Business carried over from last year.



All of the items carried over from last year have been addressed, except revision of p. 57 in the catalog.


Action Taken:

ASC will begin to address this final issue next meeting as part of a larger issue.


Agenda Item  5.  General Education Assessment,



Tilley gave a brief report on the ongoing deliberations of the General Education

Assessment Committee.


Action Taken:  

None needed.



Agenda Item 6.  Other business


Discussion:  A discussion was held on the potential need for revision of major general education.


Action Taken: Tilly volunteered to present a draft timeline of activities for such a revision at our next meeting.  Furthermore, he will provide a draft of the Committee’s annual report.



Motion to adjourn:  Ravi, passed.


NEXT MEETING:    April 15, 2002