COMMITTEE:           Academic Standards


MEETING DATE:    March 17, 2003


PERSON PRESIDING:      John Tilley


REGULAR MEMBERS IN ATTENDANCE:  Jim Decker, Joseph Gershtenson, Catherine Rigsby, and John Tilley




OTHERS IN ATTENDANCE:  David Pravica and Zach Robinson as representatives from Department of Mathematics



Agenda Item: 1: Call to order


Action Taken:  Tilley called meeting to order.


Agenda Item: 2:   Approval of minutes for the February 17, 2003 meeting


Action Taken:  Motion for approval, motion seconded and approved without dissent.


Agenda Item: 5: Other Business


Discussion:  Tilley discussed the possibility of having a called meeting with an eye toward attendance by Provost Swart.  Tilley mentioned that Michael Poteat will be attending the April 21 meeting to discuss SOIS procedures, specifically the possibility of administering the surveys on line.


Action Taken: None


Agenda Item: 3: Discussion of the granting of General Education MATH credit for MATH 1067 and MATE 1067


Discussion:  Tilley provided some background for the issue and tried to define the possible courses of action (authority) of the Committee on the issue.  David Pravica and Zach Robinson, representing themselves, not the Math Dept, described the situation concerning the courses in question.  Their report indicated that the course has been cross-listed without the approval/consent of the Math department and that the faculty of the department have concerns about a variety of issues including the qualifications of non-department instructors and ultimate resolution regarding prefix(es) under which the course will be offered.  Robinson indicated that his preference on the issue given the conditions imposed by the General Education Committee’s Resolution #98-24 (which suggest that general education credit for cross-listed courses must be granted to both courses or to neither course) would be to remove General Education MATH credit for both MATH 1067 and MATE 1067.


Action Taken: Rigsby moved for not granting General Education Credit in MATH for both MATH 1067 and MATE 1067 during the temporary period of their cross-listing and that the issue of General Education Credit in MATH for these courses be revisited after the temporary cross-listing period.  Gershtenson seconded the motion.  Motion passed by voice vote.


Agenda Item: 4:  Discussion of the review of the General Education program, including a report from Decker, Slagle, and Tilley on their visit to the Student Welfare Committee meeting on February 24.


Discussion:  Decker distributed notes from the meeting of the Student Welfare Committee, and Decker and Tilley commented on the meeting.  They indicated that students are happy to be included in the process of reviewing the General Education program and appreciate the solicitation of their opinions.


Action Taken:  None


Agenda Item: 5:  Other business


Discussion: Tilley presented times that Provost Swart is available to meet with the committee and solicited feedback from committee members regarding good times for a called meeting in April.


Action Taken:  Tilley tentatively scheduled a called meeting for 2:00 p.m. on Tuesday April 15 with the purpose of continuing the review of the General Education program.


Agenda Item 6:  Adjournment


Action Taken:  Meeting adjourned at 4:35 p.m.



NEXT REGULAR MEETING:    April 21, 2003