COMMITTEE:                      Calendar


MEETING DATE:                December 12, 2005


PERSON PRESIDING:         John Crammer


ATTENDEES:       Jonathan Dembo, Shanan Gibson, Punam Madhok, Rebecca Powers, John Crammer


EX-OFFICIO:        Angela Anderson, Mary Farwell





The meeting was called to order at 3:30 pm in Rawl 142 by John Crammer.   Mary Farwell moved (Angela Anderson seconded) approval of the October 24 minutes.  Motion passed.  Rebecca Powers moved (Mary Farwell seconded) approval of the November 14  minutes as amended.  Motion passed.


The committee worked on the proposal for making up missed days.  Version A of the  proposal with sections, in order, whether to make up missed days, designated make-up days, and how to make up missed time was agreed as the version to start from.  Shanan Gibson asked about the methods for making up missed time.  Jonathan Dembo said that the proposal has the spirit of the changes the committee agreed on.  Crammer asked whether a cover letter explaining the proposal and the logic behind the proposal should be sent to the Faculty Senate with the proposal; he agreed to work on the letter and circulate it to the committee.  Punam Madhok said that the proposal is somewhat confusing.  The third sentence in the first section concerning promptness of decisions was removed.  Dembo summarized the parts of the proposal as:

                First:                       whether to make up days

                Second:                  which days to use

                Third:                     how to make up classes or other activities

The wording of the proposal was modified until a consensus was reached.  The proposal specifies that the Executive Council in conjunction with the Calendar Committee rather than the Chancellor alone, will decide what days will be used to make up classes after the specified days have been used.  Gibson moved (Dembo seconded) approval of the proposal as amended.  Motion passed.  The committee discussed whether to send the proposal to the January meeting of the Faculty Senate or wait until the March meeting and send it with the proposed 2007-2008 calendar proposal.


The committee briefly discussed the 2007-2008 calendar which will be the main task at the next meeting.  Powers asked again about changing advising week in the spring semester to after Spring Break.  After comparing schedules for the spring, it was agreed to meet on Fridays at 1:00 as needed.


The next meeting will be at 1:00 Friday, January 20.  The committee will work on the calendar for the 2007-2008 Academic Year.


Meeting adjourned at 4:35 pm.