COMMITTEE:  Calendar


MEETING DATE:  April 20, 2007




ATTENDEES: Jonathan Dembo, John Crammer, Shanan Gibson, Donna Kain, Punam Madhok, Stephen Dock, Johna Faulconer


EX-OFFICIO: Angela Anderson, Mary Farwell


The meeting was called to order at 12:00 noon in Rawl 142 by John Crammer.   After deleting Austin Bunch from the list of those attending, Shanan Gibson moved (Jonathan Dembo seconded) approval of the minutes for the February 16 meeting as modified.  Motion passed.

Shanan Gibson reported on the action by the Faculty Senate on the proposed 2008-2009 academic calendar.  The calendar was approved.  Several faculty responded in a positive manner to having advising and registration in the spring follow spring break.  There was a favorable reaction to the faculty information calendar.  Faculty can contact the calendar committee with suggestions.  Dates come from the Faculty Manual.  Rick Niswander thought the calendar was a great idea.  Donna Kain suggested that the faculty information calendar be sent to all unit chairs so that they could add dates specific to their units.

The committee then considered changes to the committee’s internal guidelines for calendars,  The phrase “when appropriate” was removed from the Memorial Day breaks during the summer terms.  The word “Friday” was removed to the recommendations for ending date for Fall and the starting date for Spring.  Angela Anderson said that registration is changing from eight days back to five days.  Mary Farwell asked whether we can have classes on Good Friday and have the Monday after Easter off (some public schools do this).  John Crammer said that Good Friday is a staff holiday.  Angela Anderson moved (Shanan Gibson seconded) approval of the internal guidelines as modified.  Motion passed.

Finally, the committee worked on the annual report.  Shanan Gibson’s wording was used for the first item under accomplishments.  References to “trimester” were deleted from the report.  Donna Kain said that her previous school students were required to take credits in the summer in order to graduate.  She would prefer that ECU do bridge programs in the summer.  Angela Anderson remarked that she was going to talk about bridge programs next week.  Shanan Gibson noted that bridge programs may help with ECU’s attrition/retention problems.  Shanan Gibson moved (Johna Faulconer seconded) approval of the annual report as modified.  Motion passed.

This was the last meeting of the committee for the academic year.  Many thanks to everyone for serving on the committee and for their contributions to the committee.  Have a great summer!!

Meeting adjourned at 12:50 pm.