COMMITTEE:                      Calendar


MEETING DATE:                October 15, 2008


PERSON PRESIDING:         Shanan Gibson


ATTENDEES:       Punam Madhok, Linda Teel, Shanan Gibson, Terry Jones


EX-OFFICIO:        Steve Cerutti, Rodney Roberts, Justin Perry


The meeting was called to order at 10:00 am in Rawl 142 by Shanan Gibson.  Steve Cerutti moved (Punam Madhok seconded) approval of the September 16, 2008 minutes as written.  Motion passed.


The members introduced themselves.  Gibson reviewed the charge of the committee and gave an overview of the committee’s work based on guidelines, procedures, and requirements that must be considered when creating the calendar.


Gibson distributed an e-mail that was sent to the committee by Anderson requesting discussion and feedback on two items:  1) a request from the Student Academic Appellate Committee for consideration to revise the deadline for submission of appeals and 2) a request from Student Financial Services to revise the date that the late payment fee is applied. Gibson explained the reasoning for both requests.  The requests were discussed; however, members requested additional details in order to better understand the requests.  Gibson will contact Anderson in order that further explanations be provided at the next meeting. 


The committee next worked on the academic calendar for 2010-2011.  The distributed draft of the calendar including fall and spring semester examination schedules was reviewed.  A discussion followed concerning the common exam schedule and possible conflicts with 5:00 pm classes (Committee Goal #3).  The committee discussed four possible solutions listed in priority order: 1) educate departments on the examination schedule referring to it as class scheduling is done, 2) request that Banner set up class schedules in order to avoid conflicts when possible, 3) move common examination schedules to a 7:30-10:00 time period instead of the current 5:00-7:30, and 4) change common examination schedules to a Saturday schedule.   Perry noted that the December dates on the examination schedules needed to be revised.  Members will review draft calendar  with possible solutions for further discussion at the next meeting. 


The committee will next meet on the third Wednesday in November (November 19th).  The meeting will approve the minutes, hear Anderson’s follow-up on requests, discuss and resolve the common exam schedule conflicts, and work further on the 2009-2010 calendar.  Gibson will make changes to the draft of the calendars and distribute them.


Meeting adjourned at 10:59 am.