MEETING DATE:       December 8, 2009


PERSON PRESIDING:            Shanan Gibson


ATTENDEES:              Shanan Gibson, Reid Parker, Britton Theurer, John Crammer, Linda Teel


EX-OFFICIO:              Amy Bissette (for Angela Anderson)




The meeting was called to order at 2:00 p.m. in Rawl 142 by Shanan Gibson.  Britton Theurer moved (Shanan Gibson seconded) approval of the November 5, 2009.  Motion passed.


Gibson reported on the survey concerning the choice of calendars (the results were e-mailed to the committee before the meeting).  The results were the same as before but with more responses.  The indication is to stay with the traditional calendar (three-week break between Summer and Fall).  Faculty, administrators, staff were about the same in favor of the traditional calendar (76%, 66%, and 63% in favor of the traditional calendar).  The survey results will be sent to the Faculty Senate along with the proposed calendar.


The committee then worked on the 2011-2012 calendar.  The dates for final grades due at noon, last day to drop, and last day to apply for graduation were set.  It was agreed to place the dates for applying for admission for undergraduates and graduate school in both the Fall and Spring calendars.


Gibson requested that members of the committee send their Spring schedule to her in order to set a meeting time for the Spring.  The committee will meet in January to vote on the proposed calendar and send it to the Faculty Senate.


The meeting was adjourned at 2:35 p.m..