MEETING DATE:        April 15, 2010


PERSON PRESIDING:            Shanan Gibson


ATTENDEES:              Shanan Gibson, Reid Parker, Britton Theurer, John Crammer, Linda Teel, Terry Jones, Johna Faulconer


EX-OFFICIO:               Sandy Triebenbacher, George Wang




The meeting was called to order at 10:00 a.m. in Rawl 235 by Shanan Gibson.  George Wang was welcomed to the committee.


Johna Faulconer moved (Linda Teel seconded) approval of the January 28, 2010 minutes.  Motion passed.


Shanan Gibson reported on the Faculty Senate’s actions on the calendar committee’s proposals.  The proposed calendar was approved with no problems.  Lori Lee put the standing committees’ reports first on the agenda.  Gibson told the Faculty Senate that the calendar had many new additions but few changes.  She also reported on the survey concerning the Fall start date and pointed out the date for when grades are due.  She also pointed out that dates for certain deadlines fall on Saturday and Sunday because new technology has made this possible. 


Gibson also mentioned that she has received questions about the exam schedule and noted that the exam schedule is not clear concerning afternoon classes for classes with more than one semester hour that meet only one afternoon per week (in particular, one department has a 2-5 Tuesday class and a 2-5 Thursday class that are both 3 credit hours and would appear to have exams at the same time on the same day).  Sandy Triebenbacher asked whether the e-mails involved faculty requesting permission from the committee to change the exam time.


The committee then turned to working on the committee’s annual report for 2009-2010.  Faulconer asked about the asterisk on the attendance part of the report.  Gibson suggested creating a subcommittee next year for the purpose of working on a faculty information calendar but noted that the several items were added this year to help faculty.  In item 6 (business carried over to next year), Gibson would like us to present the calendar in more of the form of a visual calendar.  Reid Parker said that he liked the idea when Gibson had mentioned it at an earlier meeting.  Gibson said the School of Business uses Outlook and development of a visual calendar (in addition to the current narrative form) was added to the report.  Faulconer said we should keep the goal of continuing to collaborate with Pitt Community College and the Pitt County Schools.  Faulconer moved (Britton Theurer seconded) approval of the annual report as modified.  Motion passed.


Finally, the committee reviewed modifications to the internal guidelines for next year.  The guidelines were modified to reflect changes based on additions and modifications of the current calendar (e.g., drop dates and date grades are due).  Faulconer pointed out that the guidelines should be consistent in capitalization of Summer Session and Fall/Spring Semester; both should use capital letters.  Gibson said that class day number should be consistent such as 13th  instead of thirteenth.  Crammer asked whether summer should refer to term or session.  Everyone agreed to the guidelines as modified.


There was discussion on who is rotating off the committee (Johna, Linda, and Britton).  It was noted that members who are rotating off can rotate on again.  Parker asked when the committee will meet in the Fall.  Lori Lee will schedule the first meeting.  The Committee thanked Shanan Gibson for being chair of the committee, and John Crammer for all of his hard work and efforts as secretary.


This was the last meeting of the committee for the academic year.


The meeting was adjourned at 10:35 a.m.