COMMITTEE:                        Calendar


MEETING DATE:      September 19, 2007


PERSON PRESIDING:        John Crammer


ATTENDEES:           Shanan Gibson, Punam Madhok, Johna Faulconer, John Crammer, Kathleen Row, Linda Teel


EX-OFFICIO: Angela Anderson




The meeting was called to order at 12:00 noon in Rawl 142 by John Crammer.  Angela Anderson moved (Kathleen Row seconded) approval of the August 29, 2007 minutes as written subject to Mark Taggart’s approval.  Motion passed.


Anderson reported on questions from the last meeting concerning commencement.  She sent an e-mail to the committee based on responses from the commencement committee.  Commencement will be on Friday for both the fall and spring semesters.  She is awaiting the answer to concerns about having commencement on Friday for the fall semester.  There is also no answer as to the time of day for commencement.  In the fall, final exams currently end at 4:30 pm on the last day of exams.  Crammer noted that graduates do not receive diplomas at commencement.  Row expressed concern about having exams so close to commencement.  Anderson stated that this semester grades are due by 72 hours after the last exam.  Crammer said he had sent some suggestions for consequences to having a Friday fall commencement to Anderson.  Anderson will pass on our concerns.


The committee decided not to form a subcommittee to work on the faculty information calendar.  We should have enough time to work on this during the committee’s usual meetings.  Row pointed out that this information is available elsewhere.  It was noted that the purpose of the informational calendar is to combine that information in a single document.  Wording was changed for the SOIS dates in face-to-face classes (in fact SOIS will be done on-line in the future).  Commencement was changed to Friday and the day and time for submitting final grades was modified.


The committee next worked on the academic calendar for 2009-2010.  The distributed draft of the calendar was modified to have fall commencement on Friday (spring commencement had already been moved to Friday).  Johna Faulconer said the College of Education has posted flyers showing the changes to their unit ceremony for this fall.  The change of fall commencement to Friday starts this fall.  The committee also discussed moving the start date for fall semester classes to Monday or Tuesday (students are scheduled to move in during the preceding week).


Crammer distributed copies of the calendars for Pitt County Schools and Pitt Community College.


The committee will next meet on the third Wednesday in October (October 17 which is the day after Fall Break and uses the Monday schedule) or on November 14 (if it is decided that we do not need to meet in October; the third Wednesday would be the day before Thanksgiving).  The meeting will approve the minutes, hear Anderson’s report, and work further on the 2009-2010 and faculty information calendar.  Crammer will make changes to the drafts of the calendars and distribute them.


Meeting adjourned at 12:42 pm.