MEETING DATE:                1 September 2009


PERSON PRESIDING:         Shanan Gibson


ATTENDEES:                       Johna Faulconer, Shanan Gibson, Terry Jones, Reid Parker, Britton Theurer


EX-OFFICIO:                        Angela Anderson, Sandy Triebenbacher


VISITORS:                             Marianna Walker, Lori Lee


The meeting was called to order at 4pmm in Rawl 142 by Marianna Walker. This was the organizational meeting of the 2009 - 2010 committee.  The members introduced themselves. 


Marianna Walker, Chair of the Faculty, spoke with the committee regarding issues of importance to the faculty as a whole. She discussed the upcoming revision of the Faculty Manual, a well as the creation of a University Policy Manual. Special emphasis was given to the need to maintain shared governance while updating and streamlining the existing documents. Also mentioned were the upcoming faculty forums to be held on campus and the Faculty Matters blog available from the Faculty Senate Website. Both of these are opportunities for faculty to learn about and provide input regarding the upcoming changes across the university.  She complimented the committee on the work done in developing the 2009-2010 calendar.  In concluding her comments, she thanked the committee for the work that is done annually in creating the calendar.


Following comments by the Chair of the Faculty, officers were elected for the committee:

Chair:                      Shanan Gibson (nominated by Angela Anderson, seconded by Johna Faulconer)

Vice Chair:             Britton Theurer (nominated by Shanan Gibson, seconded by Angela Anderson)

Secretary:              John Crammer (nominated by Johna Faulconer, seconded by Angela Anderson)


Having completed election of officers, Shanan Gibson initiated committee business. First on the agenda was review of potential meeting times for future meetings. Given the numerous faculty and their diverse schedules, dates were set for the next two meetings to occur – Thursday October 8th at 10am and Thursday November 12th at 10am.


Having identified a common meeting time, a review of business carried over from 2008-2009 was carried out and goals for 2009 – 2010 were set.  These goals included:

1.        Development of the 2011 – 2012 academic calendar

2.        Consideration of the feasibility of development of a faculty information calendar

3.        Continued communication with Pitt Communication College and Pitt County Schools and consideration of efforts to coordinate schedules as feasible

4.        Continued consideration of the calendars of other UNC schools as appropriate

5.        Considering the feasibility of adding links to the online calendar to facilitate information dissemination among faculty and students

6.        Consideration of the addition of “Census Day” to the calendar for each academic year


Discussion regarding several of the goals followed their enumeration. In particular, Shanan Gibson noted that while we have a calendar that is largely synchronized with Pitt County schools this year, several faculty have expressed the suggestion that the committee consider moving the start of fall semester one week earlier than is proposed on the sample calendar provided in advance of the meeting. This idea was supported by Angela Anderson due to the strain the current schedule places on staff within the Registrar’s office. However, Britton Theurer noted that many faculty are appreciative of the longer summer break we enjoy with the current schedule.


An explanation of a faculty information calendar was given by Shanan Gibson, who stated that she would like to see this taken on by a subcommittee who would examine both the feasibility and logistics of such a document. Sandy Triebenbacher stated that she could see numerous advantages to such a document.


With regard to adding links to the online calendar each year, Lori Lee indicated that while viable, it would not be without logistical considerations and limitations. Whereas it would facilitate easy access to information, concerns would arise as university links changed over time.

The potential addition of Census Day to the calendar was proposed by Marianna Walker and supported by Angela Anderson. It was agreed that many faculty are not only unaware of the date, but may not even know what it is.


Prior to the meeting’s conclusion, Marianna Walker inquired as to the proper response to those who have asked that the University close down on the Thursday of the ECU- VA Tech football game. Shanan Gibson responded that this was inconsistent with the GA’s requirements for classroom meeting hours and would be terribly unfair to those faculty that teach on Thursday afternoons. Angela Anderson noted that no such action occurred when the university had presidential candidates on site, and Reid Parker indicated that rehearsals and other activities within the Fine Arts domain would have to continue during this time as well. Johna Faulconer, Terry Jones, and Britton Theurer all expressed their opinion that this was an inappropriate action to be taken. Shanan Gibson agreed to draft a response for Chair of the Faculty delineating the rationale behind not closing the university as requested.


The meeting was adjourned at 4:50pm.