University Curriculum Committee

Minutes of Meeting September 11th, 2008

Brewster B104


Person Presiding: Prof. Janice Neil

Regular members in attendance: David Batts, Gregory Lapicki, Jane Manner, Janice Neil, Jonathan Reid, Paul Schwager, Ralph Scott.

Ex-officio members in attendance: Wintre Clark (SGA), Linner Griffin, Kathryn Hashimoto, Donna Lillian, Ron Mitchelson.

Also present: Kevin Snyder

Also present for a portion of the meeting: Mary Farwell, Alex Georgakilas, Kyle Summers

1.      After a call to order at 2:05 p.m. the following persons were elected committee officers: Janice Neil chair, Paul Schwager vice chair, Ralph Scott Secretary

2.      Liaison orientation will be 2PM, 9/18/08 in Great Room 1&2 Mendenhall

3.      New members were oriented to the work of the committee

4.      Professors Farwell, Georgakilas and Summers presented Biology proposals on the agenda. Renumbering of BIOL 3520 to 3620 was tabled pending revisions to objectives. Proposal of new course BIOL 3621 was tabled pending revisions to: objectives, weighting, textbooks.

5.      Committee action:

a.      BIOL 4650 approved pending minor editorial revisions

b.      BIOL 4800 approved pending minor editorial revisions

Committee adjourned at 3:03 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Ralph Scott, UCC Secretary





PAGE 351:


4650. The Biology of Cancer (3) (S) P: BIOL 2300, 3310; or consent of instructor. Comprehensive study of the molecular basis of cancer with emphasis on the development and treatment of specific cancers.


4800. Topics in Biology (3) May be repeated once with a change of topic. P: BIOL 2300 or 2250 or consent of instructor. Special topics of contemporary interest.