COMMITTEE:          Educational Policies and Planning


MEETING DATE:    10-27-06


PERSON PRESIDING:      Leslie Pagliari


REGULAR MEMBERS IN ATTENDANCE:       R. Allen, J. Mitchell, L. Kean, J. Mitchell, L. Pagliari, S. Warren


EX-OFFICIO MEMBERS IN ATTENDANCE:    L. Griffin, G. Kasparek, M. Taggart, J. Tovey


OTHERS IN ATTENDANCE:       S. Bland, I. Wallace


EXCUSED: D. Knickerbocker,  D. Weismiller






Agenda Item:  Approval of minutes of 9-22-06



Discussion:  None



Action Taken:  Approved



Assigned additional duties to:  NA




Agenda Item:   Requests by College of Technology and Computer Science

New concentration in Quality Systems, Masters of Science in Technology Systems

New certificate program in Lean Six Sigma, Masters of Science in Technology Systems

Change of name of the Manufacturing concentration to Manufacturing Systems.


Discussion:   The committee asked why the new concentration was requested by the college’s professional advisory board. Inquiries were made concerning the nature of Lean Six Sigma, and its status and longevity as industry standard for quality control. Lean Six Sigma is a practice that has been requested by many industries within the area.  Professors within the college are well-prepared to teach these areas and will enhance the overall industrial contacts for the College.



Action Taken:  The committee approved the proposals by consensus.


Assigned additional duties to:  NA





NEXT MEETING:    11-10-06