COMMITTEE:           Educational Policies and Planning


MEETING DATE:    11-10-06


PERSON PRESIDING:      Dale Knickerbocker


REGULAR MEMBERS IN ATTENDANCE:       R. Allen, J. Mitchell, L. Kean, D. Knickerbocker, J. Mitchell, L. Pagliari


EX-OFFICIO MEMBERS IN ATTENDANCE:    L. Griffin, G. Kasparek, M. Taggart, J. Tovey


OTHERS IN ATTENDANCE:        S. Bland, I. Wallace


EXCUSED: S. Warren, D. Weismiller






Agenda Item:  Approval of minutes of 10-27-06



Discussion:  Chair announced that minutes were not yet ready for approval



Action Taken:  Tabled until next meeting by consensus



Assigned additional duties to:




Agenda Item:   Announcements




Chair reported on his meeting with the Committee on Committees regarding proposed changes to EPPC charge. Said committee requested that EPPC reconsider it recommendations based on two points: 1) it is not necessary to change the charge for the Graduate School Administrative Board to have representation on EPPC, since the Chancellor, Provost, and Vice Chancellor for Health Sciences are free to choose their representative from among the membership of that body—nor did the  Committee on Committees deem it advisable to remove either Vice Chancellors’ representation 2) Appendix F, which restricts voting privileges concerning graduate school matters to faculty with full graduate faculty status, was approved by neither any Chancellor nor by the Faculty Senate. Therefore, although it remains part of the Faculty Manual, its should be deemed a policy document for use within the Graduate School only.


Action Taken:  The committee agreed by consensus not to resubmit the proposal to the Committee on Committees.


Assigned additional duties to:  The EPPC charged the chair with informing all concerned parties, and with urging that Appendix F be updated and put through the approval procedure specified by university guidelines for inclusion in the Faculty Manual.


Chair informed the committee that the Yardley Group Report is a first draft and not yet policy, and therefore should not be used in the evaluation of proposals.


Discussion:  None


Action Taken:  None


Assigned additional duties to:  NA


At the chair’s request, L. Griffin presented an inquiry from Special Education as to whether they needed EPPC approval to advertise their BS degree as a DE degree, noting that it had received approval to offer the courses as DE, and that the program is available entirely in on-line format.


Discussion:  Committee clarified that the courses were already being given as DE and that quality control policy was being applied.


Action Taken:  Agreed by consensus that it was not necessary for SPED to again request permission.


Assigned additional duties to:  Requested that Prof. Griffin notify them of the committee’s decision.



Agenda Item:  Consideration of request by the Dept. of Business, Career, and Technical Education; College of Education,  to offer BS degree in Business Education as DE.


Discussion:  Prof. Ivan Wallace presented the proposal. Discussion ensued regarded the qualifications of faculty delivering these courses, future staffing needs, the impact on tenure track faculty’s workload, whether the program offered at NC A&T was also DE. Some concern was expressed that new positions available would not keep paced with enrollment increases occasioned by the DE format.


The committee made two non-binding recommendations: that an updated and complete roster of faculty teaching the courses be provided and that BCTE explain how the data on p.4 of the proposal was gathered, before the proposal is submitted to GA.


Action Taken:  Approved by consensus.



Assigned additional duties to:  NA