Minutes of Educational Policies and Planning Committee


(held electronically 8-7-07 to 8-13-07)


Participating: Professors R. Allen, L. Griffin, L. Kean, D. Knickerbocker, L. Pagliari, J. Tovey, S. Warren, D. Weismiller


I. Professor Sylvia Brown, Acting Dean of the School of Nursing, presented a request to rename the School of Nursing to the College of Nursing. Professor Stephen W. Thomas presented a request to rename the School of Allied Health Sciences to the College of Allied Health Sciences. The proposals were discussed and voted on electronically as one item, eight votes were cast (the final two on Monday, August 13) in favor, and there were no votes against.


The Chair noted that, according to FM Appendix L, the recommendation is made to the Faculty Senate for a vote.