Minutes from EPPC Meeting January 11, 2008 at 2pm, RA 142

I. Announcements (previous minutes approved electronically)

·        Knickerbocker discussed the EPCC’s proposed changes to FM Part V, and suggested changes as editorial. Kasperek suggested the following change under the second part of B concerning the graduate curriculum approval process, the following should be added as the third bullet (below “voting faculty”):  “Communicate with units and programs that may be directly or indirectly affected by the curriculum;” The changes were accepted as editorial by consensus.

II. Dr. Jan Tovey presented Department of English, HCAS, title change: Graduate Certificate in Multicultural Literature to Graduate Certificate in Multicultural and Transnational Literature. Proposal was approved by consensus.

III. Dr. David Taylor presented Degree title change: Dept. of Pharmacology and Toxicology, BSOM

·        Name of Department was changed in an effort to improve graduate students to a graduate program—recruiting those in a research area of toxicology

·        Need this degree change to keep up with the idea that both areas of interests are pharmacology and toxicology

·        Proposal was approved by consensus

IV. Dr. Jacqueline Leebrick presented Request to establish photography as an area of concentration within the Master of Fine Arts degree, School of Art and Design

·        Received approval from GCC for Photography

·        Now going through approval to establish photography as a concentration in the area of Fine Arts

·        Proposal was approved by consensus

V. Dr. Joseph Flood presented Degree title change, Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies, HHP, Management of Recreation Facilities and Services (MRFS) to Recreation and Park Management (RPM)

·        Desire to have program name changed because of marketing, better reflects concentration areas, and will help get more students into the program

·        Proposal was approved by consensus

VI. Dr. Scott Curtis presented Notice of Intent to Plan, Department of Geography, HCAS: Bachelor of Science (BS), Dr. Tom Crawford presented NIP for Applied Atmospheric Science, Bachelor of Science (BS), Geographic Information Science and Technology.

The following was discussed concerning the AAS:

·        Gone through approval process with the latest being the College of Arts and Sciences

·        There is more of a need of meteorologists with technical skills; need to be able to engage students on how the region and its state can affect the overall weather o f eastern NC

·        Question was asked about the concern of program duplication based upon other universities in NC having this area—however, this degree is in geography and one with technical skills, and also the human element side is not mentioned in other degree programs.  The CIP code is also different.

·        Question was about resources and if new students would really be involved or older students—they feel that new students would be attracted.

·        Lab space is required, is there some place to identify lab space?  There are discussions among the Dean to determine that-no specific place as of yet.  This would be an issue before the request to establish is continued

·        There are 2 journals that are helpful but not critical to the degree and were mentioned in the program.

·        Staff lines have been allocated and the hiring process has been started.

·        Are there additional courses that you would have to prepare?  Possibly only one or two to get the degree started.

·        What is the average figure of how many students they graduate each year?  Could not answer but would be good information to obtain.

·        Proposal was approved by consensus

GIST proposal discussion:

·        There is a shortage of individuals in the workforce—employers contact to look for graduates and cannot provide them

·        This program will get into spatial data, data modeling, design aspects of systems, analytical methods, spatial statistical methods, etc.

·        Current certificate program has graduated 45-50 students with the certificate

·        70 semester hour degree with some GC courses---looking at those in computer science and ICTN and has a letter of support from Dr. Placer, Chair of Computer Science

·        Has centers and classroom and lab space

·        Already have 8 faculty—no new lines needed

·        Have almost all courses---may propose one or two more to develop

·        Thought establishing need was done very clearly—one question was about budget for equipment.  Will the money be there?  Answer is money has been requested from the College, but the faculty are very active in grants from NASA and NSF that can help with equipment issues.

·        Looking to get a different type of student than traditional—looking for someone with a information technology background looking at focusing on GIS.

·        Proposal was approved by consensus

VII. Dr. Bob Thompson presented Notification of Intent to Plan: Master of Science in Security Studies, Dept. of Political Science, HCAS

·        Does not need a lab!!

·        Proposing a MS in Security Studies—concerns were quality with faculty and the interdisciplinary issues.  They have focused on fixing these issues.

·        New faculty have been hired so the faculty base is solid.

·        Focus in on security studies, threats, issues from man made and environmental disasters---the program will be great for military individuals and will help in their advancement, as well as help law enforcement.

·        Focusing on core set of courses and have 3 concentrations based upon interdisciplinary groups.

·        This degree program may well have 50-60 students once it gets started.

·        They will be new students—not existing students.

·        Hope by end of spring to have proposal to establish ready.  It will be housed in Political Science and governed by different units.

·        The program will be DE and traditional—intention is to have several concentrations DE.

·        Everyone involved with get their SCH’s go back to the home area when the students take the course.

·        Proposal was approved by consensus


Motion to adjourn at 3pm


Submitted by:
Leslie R. Pagliari