Educational Policies and Planning Committee

Meeting Minutes

December 11, 2009


I.        Call to order:  Edson Justiniano, Committee Chair, called the meeting to order at 1:00 p.m. on December 11, 2009 in Rawl Annex 142.


II.     The following persons were present:

Members:  Rose Allen, Margaret Bauer, Scott Gordon, James Holloway, Dale Knickerbocker, Janice Lewis, Edson Justiniano


Ex-Officio Members:  Dee Dee Glascoff, Linner Griffin, George Kasperek, David Siegel


Guests:  Sharon Bland, Purificacion Martinez


Absent:  Justin Perry


III.   Approval of minutes

Minutes of the November 20, 2009 meeting were approved as amended.


IV.  Faculty Senate Update

Martinez informed the committee that she is the Faculty Senate Advisory Group member assigned to advise the EPPC as it reviews the ECU Faculty Manual and considers revisions to Part V of the Manual.  A motion passed to grant her speaking privileges.


V.            College of Technology and Computer Science Name Change

Dean David White presented a request from the College of Technology and Computer Science to change its name to “College of Engineering and Technology.”  Discussion ensued about the cost of the name change, the reaction to the proposed name change by various departments, and the effect on accreditation.  Dean White noted that engineering weaves throughout all the departments, that a number of faculty in various departments have engineering degrees, and that the name change strengthens the way the program is viewed by ABET, the main accrediting body.  A motion was passed to approve the request.


VI.         Media Production Program Move

Linda Kean, Director of the School of Communication, Mike Dermody, Media Production Coordinator, and Michael Drought, Director of the School of Art and Design (SOAD), presented a request to move the Media Production program from the School of Communication to the School of Art and Design.  Advantages of the move to students include the possibility of earning an MFA rather than a BS in Media Production, growth in the curriculum, and the ability to collaborate more closely with other SOAD programs.  Media Production faculty would benefit from being in a School with other faculty whose terminal degree is an MFA and who engage in creative activity.  Following discussion concerning the impact on faculty and students, the curriculum, budget, equipment, space, and resource allocation, a motion was passed to approve the request.


VII.                   Ranking of Proposed New Degree Programs

The committee ranked the 17 proposed new degree programs using a matrix with the following criteria: cost to ECU, academic need, value to the community, external support, duplication at other UNC institutions, and readiness.  Chair Justiniano submitted the rankings to the Academic Council before the meeting adjourned.


VIII.         Adjournment


Chair E. Justiniano adjourned the meeting at 3:30 p.m.



Minutes submitted by Janice S. Lewis