Educational Policies and Planning Committee

Meeting Minutes

February 13, 2009

2:00pm-4:00pm Brewster B-104


I.        Call to Order


II.     The following persons were present:

Committee Members:

Rose Allen, Sandra Warren, George Kasperak, Janice Lewis, Jim Chandler, David Conde, Dana Murphy, Margaret Bauer


Ex-officio members: Linner Griffin


Guests and presenters: Dave Edgell, Joe Fridger, Dan Schigler, Ron Mitchellson, Sharon Bland


III.   Minutes


The minutes from the 9 January 2009 were approved. 


IV.  Discussion and Review Items


a.     Renaming “BSBA in Management Accounting” to “BSBA in Accounting”.  Dan Schigler presenting for the College of Business.  Kasperak moved approval, Allen seconded. The motion was approved.


b.     Request for Authorization to Establish a New Degree Program:  MS in Sustainable Tourism.  Dave Edgell, Joe Fridger, Ron Mitchellson presenting. 


Most of the discussion regarding this program centered on resources. The committee felt that allocation issues needed to be addressed. Concerns such as assistantships and tuition remissions were brought up.  The presenters indicated that a commitment has been made by the Division of Research and Graduate Studies, but nothing specific has been provided in writing. The committee made the recommendation that the presenters get a specific commitment in writing.


The committee also made the recommendation to clarify the program’s connection to UNC Tomorrow. The committee asked that the year III budget in the Authorization to Establish be completed.


Kean moved to approve the authorization to establish with the condition that a letter of resource support is provided.  Lewis seconded. The motion was approved with one abstention and all others in favor. A letter of resource support was received by the committee on February 18, 2009.   


V.     Open Discussion


Results of Faculty Senate January 27, 2009 review of EPPC recommendation re Part V of the Faculty Manual.

Results of 27 February 2009 Faculty Meeting re:  Part V of the Faculty Manual were discussed. The Faculty Senate passed the revision but not as presented. Wording specifying undergraduate programs was removed. Committee members asked how this complied with Appendix F in Faculty Manual.


VI.  SACS Interim Report- Standard 4.2


The committee discussed the document and had some minor questions about wording and information that will be sent back to the assessment committee.