Educational Policies and Planning Committee

Meeting Minutes

February 5, 2010 (special called meeting)


I.                    Call to order:  Edson Justiniano, Committee Chair, called the meeting to order at 1:05 p.m. on February 5, 2010 in Rawl Annex 142.


II.                  The following persons were present:

Members: Rose Allen, Margaret Bauer, Dee Dee Glascoff, Scott Gordon,  James Holloway, Dale Knickerbocker, Edson Justiniano, Janice Lewis, Marianna Walker

Ex-Officio Members: Linner Griffin, George Kasperek, David Siegel

Guests: Sharon Bland, Chancellor Steve Ballard, Dean David White, Lori Lee

Absent:  Justin Perry


III.                The minutes of the January 22, 2010 meeting were approved as presented.


IV.                The Chair summarized business expected to come before the committee during the next two to three months. 


V.                  Discussion with Chancellor Ballard about the name change for the College of Technology and Computer Science

The Chair welcomed the Chancellor to the meeting.  The Chancellor conveyed to the committee a request from Provost Sheerer that the committee suspend its December 11, 2009 approval of a name change for the College of Technology and Computer Science.  The request was made because University administration has been made aware of a March 21,   2003 UNC study commission report, subsequently accepted by the Board of Governors, which states that the word “Engineering” shall not be included in the name of any College where it did not already exist on that date.  The Provost and the Chancellor will have conversations with President Bowles and others about the possibility of removing or relaxing this restriction.  In the meantime, however, it is prudent not to pursue the name change. 


Knickerbocker took the opportunity to explain to the Chancellor why the committee decided not to amend the ECU Faculty Manual, Part V. Academic Information, Section III. Curriculum Development to include the responsibilities currently performed by the Academic Council, as the Chancellor suggested in his June 3, 2009 memorandum.  The Chancellor indicated that he understood the committee’s conclusion that this did not need to be formalized in the Faculty Manual.


The Chancellor thanked the committee for its work and left the meeting.  A motion was made and seconded to suspend the name change for the College of Technology and Computer Science that was approved at the December 11, 2009 EPPC meeting.  A friendly amendment was accepted to add that the suspension was in response to a request from the Provost and new information from the Chancellor.  During discussion, the committee noted its consensus opinion that if the exact name change is desired in the future, the College will not have to go through the request process again.  There was discussion as to whether to add a time limit, but the committee decided not to do so, since it will have to address the issue in the form of a motion to lift the suspension, if and when the College moves forward with this exact name change.  The motion stating that “in response to a request from the Provost and new information from the Chancellor, the committee suspends the name change for the College of Technology and Computer Science that was approved at the December 11, 2009 EPPC meeting” was then passed unanimously.


I.                    Change of name of the School of Dentistry

The Chair informed the committee that the School of Dentistry had intended to request that the name of the School be changed at the committee’s January 22, 2010 meeting, when it requested a change in the degree offered by the School of Dentistry from Doctor of Dental Surgery to Doctor of Dental Medicine.  A motion was passed to approve the request to change the name of the School from the School of Dentistry to the School of Dental Medicine.  This item of business will be reported at the Faculty Senate meeting at the same time the change in degree is reported.


II.                  ECU Faculty Manual, Part V

Walker confirmed that the committee had fulfilled its responsibility to review and submit proposed revisions for the relevant sections.


III.                Adjournment

There being no further business, Chair Justiniano adjourned the meeting at 1:55 p.m.


The next EPPC meeting will be on Friday, February 12, 2010, at 1:00 p.m. in 142 Rawl



Minutes submitted by Janice S. Lewis