Faculty Governance Committee

Minutes of October 8, 2008


Members present: Rigsby, Walker, Bailey, Jones, Martinez, Justiniano, Horns, Sheerer, Tovey


Also present: Linner Griffin, Lori Lee, Hope Murphy, Mike Spurr


Members absent: Gilliland, Mageean


I. The minutes of the September 10 meeting were approved. The committee is awaiting the minutes of the last meeting.



II. The proposed guidelines for unit academic program review – Appendix L, E-  were discussed. The discussion was led by Linner Griffin and Mike Spurr.


Spurr provided an overview of the guidelines document, which is intended for use in the SACS accreditation process and for other future uses as well. Some minor suggestions and changes were recommended, more specifically language pertaining to the number of external reviewers for program. It was decided that more flexibility is needed in the guidelines, especially for units with more than one degree program or interdisciplinary programs.  The Committee approved using the guidelines document as revised. Professor Griffin will notify members of the Educational Policies and Planning Committee of the suggested revisions and the proposed guidelines for unit academic program review will be presented to the Faculty Senate in either November or December.  Professors Martinez, Rigsby, and Bailey will work together to revise Appendix L.E., so it agrees with the guidelines and will present those revisions to the committee on November 12.  Professors Griffin and Spurr will be invited to this meeting.


Martinez and Tovey provided a review of yesterday’s Faculty Senate meeting. All FGC motions and actions were approved.    


The UNC Tomorrow Report was discussed. More specifically, Phase II, the tenure and promotion subcommittee. Some emails were circulated suggesting that an ad hoc committee do the work normally assigned to FGC. This action is opposed by the FGC and Faculty Chair Tovey. The Faculty Chair will meet with this subcommittee.


The report on review of administrators was discussed. Tovey spoke with Chancellor Ballard about the difference between the two drafts being circulated, one approved by FGC and one approved by Chancellor. According to Tovey, the Chancellor wants to clarify faulty input on evaluation of administrators, thinking that the greatest input from faculty should come with respect to chairs and unit heads. Tovey will invite Chancellor to a future FGC meeting (approved by Martinez), or get specific directions on what he desires from document.


Discussion was held regarding recently approved (and modified) Appendix C. The Senate approved revisions to Appendix C, and the Chancellor made significant revisions to the approved Senate resolutions on Appendix C. The FGC was told that the Chancellor’s modifications are not official policy, but are suggestions for further revision. More specifically, a lengthy discussion was held on a proposed modification concerning whether to use faculty collegiality as a basis for evaluating faculty in annual evaluations. Horns and Murphy voiced approval for a code of conduct to govern faculty behavior.


Respectfully submitted,



Mark Jones, Professor

Secretary Pro Tem