Faculty Governance Committee

Minutes of the Meeting

October 27, 2008



Members Present: Purificacion Martinez, Marianna Walker, Jan Tovey, Catherine Rigsby, Deirdre Mageean , Edson Justiniano, Mary Gilliland, George Bailey, Mark Jones


Others Present: Linda Ingalls, Beth Velde, Bob Morrison, Ted Morris, Austin Bunch, Steven Crunch


Beth Velde , Ted Morris, and Bob Morrison were in attendance to help address the issues relating to the Engaged University initiative. Bob Morrison reminded the group that scholarship requires peer review, publication, generates new knowledge. Thus the concept of scholarship of engagement must satisfy those requisites. Beth Velde distributed a collection of definitions of engagement and scholarship and indicated that her committee is working at clarifying the definitions vis vis their application to ECU. Discussion ensued.


Minutes approved (2 sets).


Discussed new rules proposed by Academic Standards Committee for teaching evaluations (Sprague memo). Steven Crunch, the student member of Academic Standards Committee described the recommendations. The committee engaged in a lively discussion of the issue. The committee suggested a number of modifications to the document that will be forwarded back to the Academic Standards Committee.