Faculty Governance Committee    Minutes


January 12, 2009  Rawl 142  3:00 PM


Present: Bailey, Justiniano, Wilson, Murphy, Mageean, Walker, Lee, Tovey, Martinez (chair), Rigsby.


1.    Discussion of Appendix C Section III< recommendations from the Academic Standards Commnittee: Motion – after “determined by the unit code” insert “If not determined in the unit code, the voting faculty as defined by Appendix L shall determine the multiple measures to be followed.” Motion passes.

2.    Conflict of interest form needs changing (Mageean and J. Chinn). Motion to accept change: passed.

3.    Motion to approve changes to Appendix D section V passes (see attachment).

4.    Motion to approve changes to Appendix D section VI passes (see attached).


The university attorney will review D again.


5.    On how to provide faculty input to administrator evaluations.

Tovey will appoint an ad-hoc committee to prepare a new recommendation.