Faculty Governance Committee

Minutes of the Meeting

November 12, 2008



Members Present:  Purificacion Martinez, Marianna Walker, Jan Tovey, Catherine Rigsby, Phyllis Horns, Marilyn Sheerer, Deirdre Mageean , Edson Justiniano, Mary Gilliland, George Bailey, Mark Jones


Others Present:  Linda Ingalls, Donna Gooden Payne, Lori Lee


No minutes available from previous meeting. 


The Chancellor with meet with the committee on December 3, 2008 to discuss his comments on Appendix C and on the committees recommendations for faculty involvement in the Review of Academic Administrators.


David Gabbard has missed multiple meetings.  The committee discussed the procedure for replacing members who have been absent several times in a row.  Lori Lee will find out why David has missed so many meetings.


The committee continued its discussion of the revisions to Appendix L.  The proposed revisions were approved.


The committee continued its discussion or Part V of Appendix D.  The discussion will continue at the next meeting.


Respectfully submitted,

Catherine Rigsby