January 12, 2011

Rawl 142


Members attending:

George Bailey, Phyllis Horns, Gene Hughes, Deirdre Mageean, Puri Martinez (Chair), Catherine Rigsby, Rodney Roberts, Marilyn Sheerer, Marianna Walker, Christine Zoller.


Members absent:

Mary Gilliland, Ken Wilson.


Visitors attending:

Linda Ingalls, Lori Lee.


-- Meeting called to order 3:10 p.m.


-- Martinez asked for comments on the minutes of December 8, 2010; hearing none, the minutes were approved.


-- Martinez moved that the minutes of each meeting include a summary statement of the group’s discussion on each of the items listed in the meeting agenda. Motion passed.


-- Agenda Item #1: Excused absences (no discussion).


-- Agenda Item #2: Approval of minutes of December 8, 2010 (no discussion).


-- Agenda Item #3: Brief review of pending work by the committee.

All interpretations for Appendix C and Appendix D are incorporated. The only interpretation pending is I 93-2 for Appendix A.VII. Development of guidelines for organizing into code units is ongoing. Martinez, Walker and Rigsby will work toward completion. Part 3 academic freedom is delayed pending written comments from Donna Payne. The vice chancellors will also provide comments on the professional ethics section. Faculty workload language in Appendix C requires review and possibly further revision. Part 7 is pending a February meeting with John Chinn. Mageean will present to the committee on Part 7. Appendix A (faculty constitution and by-laws) is pending feedback regarding the process for obtaining formal advice on administrative policy. Walker will talk to the chancellor about Appendix L.


-- Agenda Item #4: Start discussion of Appendix D.

Tenure and promotion guidelines. Progress toward tenure letters. Joint appointments. Composition of search committees. Promotion committee and tenure committee.


-- Roberts moved that the first sentence of Appendix D, sect. III (Promotion), note 4 be deleted. Motion passed.


-- Martinez moved that the role of the tenure committee and the role of the promotion committee be rewritten so that the role of each is clear and distinct. Motion passed.


-- Rigsby moved to adjourn. Motion passed.


-- Meeting adjourned 5:05 p.m.


Rodney C. Roberts, Secretary