Faculty Governance Committee Minutes 02/13/08


Committee members present:  Chairperson Martinez, Vice-chair Justiniano, Bailey, Cope, Gilliland, Jones, Rigsby, Taggart; Vice Chancellor Mageean, Interim Vice Chancellor for Health Sciences Phyllis Horns, Interim Provost Sheerer


Resource persons present: Bonatz, Lee, & Ingalls


Guest: None


1. The minutes of the meeting of 01/23/08 were approved.


2.  A non-Agenda item was brought to the committee (Vice Chancellor Mageean ) concerning a potential conflict with the charge of EPPC and UCC and Appendix F  (1.a).  After light discussion Martinez suggested that the matters related to charge lay with the Committee on Committees, (CoC) and perhaps the issue should be referred.  It was decided that Vice Chancellor Mageean’s concerns would be pasted to the CoC via Martinez.


3. Martinez announced that the next meeting would involve protracted discussion of the Cumulative Evaluation for the PAD. Vice Chancellor Mageean suggested that, the committees homework should include reading the UNC Tomorrow Report , especially in regards to “Service”.  Bailey noted that evaluation in addition to the traditional emphasis on “Teaching” and “Research” should be carefully examined in regards to performance evaluation, merit pay, and etc.  A new holistic model of performance goals would lead to a variety of changes in the current model of evaluation.


Martinez suggested that we examine how potential changes would effect individual units regarding feedback as to what constitutes a good cumulative evaluation. 


Rigsby noted that we should seek a timely response from appropriate senate committees regarding relevant segments of the UNC Tomorrow plan that might apply in their area.  However, she also noted that not all committees or units would need to make changes in that the plan was designed only to make changes where necessary. 


The committee agreed that the next meeting would be dedicated to working out issues relevant to the UNC Tomorrow plan.


4. The committee reviewed and approved changes to Appendix C (Sections I.a, C, E: II.a, b, and c: III: V) [see Appendix C 2-08.doc]


5. The committee discussed two questions poised by the Dr. Bauer in the English Department (1. Can a department have more than one Personnel Committee (e.g., a separate committee for Fixed Term Faculty)? 2. Does a curriculum committee have to go to the full faculty for a vote, or can each concentration be responsible for its own curriculum?  Since these questions would likely constitute a change to a unit code, Martinez brought the questions to the full committee. 


The Unit code Screening Committee has been informed of the potential changes.


After discussion, the committee authorized Martinez to contact Dr, Bauer and indicate the answer to both questions was “yes”.


4. The meeting was adjourned at 4:50 pm.


Respectfully submitted,

John G Cope, PhD