Faculty Governance Committee

Minutes of February 27, 2008


Regular members present:

Martinez, Gilliland, Jones, Justiniano, Bailey


Regular members absent:

Cope, Rigsby


Ex-officio members present:

Mageean, Horns, Pagliari, Taggart


Ex-officio members absent:



Also present, Lori Lee, Linda Ingalls, Kristen Bonatz, Hope Murphy


I. The minutes from the prior meeting were approved


II. Appendix C sections 6 & & were discussed. Additions and suggestions pertaining to changes or existing personnel laws, written by Kristen Bonatz, were discussed, and proper revisions were made in accordance with Bonatzís suggestions to bring the document in line with current personnel laws.


The committee was charged to read and review the final copy of the proposed revisions to Appendix C before the end of the week (February 29) and give those suggestions and revisions to Chair Martinez. The time deadline was set in accordance with the next scheduled meeting of the Agenda Committee.


III. Committee members were urged to review the UNC Tomorrow report, especially the portions that may influence the future work of the Faculty Governance Committee.


IV. The faculty review of administrators document still requires some attention. An all day meeting may be called to deal with this document.


Next meeting, March 19, 2008


Respectfully submitted,


Mark Jones, Ph.D.