Faculty Governance Committee Minutes February 12, 2009


Members present:

Tovey, Wilson, Bailey, Rigsby, Jones, Martinez, Sheerer, Walker, Mageean, Gilliland


Members absent:

Horns, Justiniano


Others present:

Lori Lee, Hope Murphy, Linda Ingalls


I.  The minutes of the January 12 and January 28 meetings were approved.


II. Announcements


  1. Tovey provided an update from the subcommittee on “Faculty Assessment/Evaluation of Administrators.” Tovey is still meeting with VC Horns and Provost Sheerer and will report later in the academic year. After the  subcommittee (Tovey, Horns, Walker, Wilson) meets, the subcommittee will report later in the academic year.
  2. Martinez announced that work continues on Appendix C.
  3. Martinez announced that she is working with the Policy Manual Task Force along with the University Attorney and Dr. Locklear.


III. Old Business

  1. A brief discussion was held regarding the new Engaged Status and the implications for the promotion and tenure process. Any changes must be approved before December of 2009. A FGC subcommittee may be required to examine these potential changes. Some of the possible implications include changes to Appendix C, Appendix D, Part XII the Cumulative Evaluation Letter, the annual faculty report and policies regarding graduate faculty status.
  2. The question was raised as to whether the Commission on Scholarship report would suffice in this regard and the conclusion was that it would not. Beth Velde will be consulted as a resource in this area.
  3. The question was also raised as to whether the current model employed by NC State would serve as a starting point for discussing the implementation of scholarship of engagement at ECU, and the conclusion was that this model would serve as a starting point for discussion of such implementation. One aspect of the NC State model that will not be adapted is the “Statement of Mutual Expectations.”
  4. The FGC decided it would be best to hold open faculty forums both to educate faculty about engagement and to solicit faculty input, with some sort of working draft disseminated to faculty prior to any such forum.
  5. Two subcommittees were formed. One will consult resources and provide proper definitions of engagement as discussed in the “Community Engaged Scholarship Resources” website, www.ecu.edu/cs-acad/rgs/Carneige.cfm. This subcommittee is comprised of Bailey, Gilliland, Jones and Tovey and will provide a report at or before the March 25 FGC meeting. The second subcommittee will deal with the realms of responsibility as listed and discussed in the NCSU model. This subcommittee is comprised of Martinez, Rigsby, Walker and Wilson.
  6. A discussion was held regarding Appendix I. It has been suggested that the committee delete a paragraph of the document, and the deletion was approved. However, Murphy voiced concerns over potential conflicts between Sections 2 and 3 of the Appendix, and requested that the entire document be reviewed by Assistant University Attorney Paul Zigas. The FGC concurred and the Appendix was referred to the University Attorney’s office for further review. Thus the revised Appendix I will not be sent to the Faculty Senate Agenda Committee for inclusion on the February Senate meeting.


The next meeting of the FGC will be held on February 25, 2009.


Respectfully submitted,


Mark Jones, Professor

Secretary Pro Tem