Faculty Governance Committee Minutes March 19, 2008


Regular members present: Martinez, Gilliland, Jones, Bailey, Rigsby


Regular members absent: Cope, Justiniano


Ex-officio members present: Mageean, Horns, Taggart


Ex-officio members absent: Sheerer, Pagliari


Also present: Linda Ingalls, Lori Lee, Kristen Bonatz, Hope Murphy


I. Minutes of the prior meeting were approved.


II. Announcements.

A. John Cope has resigned from the Faculty Governance Committee effective immediately; a replacement is being sought to complete his term.


B. Chair Martinez announced that the revised Appendix C was approved yesterday by the Faculty Senate.


III. Old Business.

The five year review of administrative officers was discussed. Section 2 was approved with minor revisions.


Section 3, it was decided that a survey would be more effective than an up or down vote. Section 3 was approved with other minor revisions.


Section 4, all references to the Chancellor were removed as reviewing the Chancellor is seen solely as the purview of the BOT, suggestions and slight modifications were made to the proposed committee composition and structure.


Section 5 was also approved.


At the next meeting the FGC will start with Section 6 of the document.


The next meeting is scheduled for March 26, 2008.


Respectfully submitted,




Mark Jones, Ph.D.

FGC Secretary