Faculty Governance Committee Minutes March 26, 2008


Regular members present: Jones, Bailey, Horns, Rigsby, Martinez, Justiniano, Gilliland


Regular members absent:


Ex-officio members present: Taggart, Horns, Mageean


Ex-officio members absent: Pagliari, Sheerer


Also present: Linda Ingalls, Lori Lee, Dan Roberson


I. The minutes of the prior meeting were approved.


II. Announcements: Speaking privileges have been granted to Linda Ingalls. A replacement for John Cope, who recently resigned from the Committee, is still being sought. The Assistant University Attorneys requested to be excused from the meeting as no legal matters were on the agenda.


III. Old Business:

The UNC Tomorrow Report was discussed. Specifically, the response phase plan timeline was discussed, especially the areas related to the Faculty Governance Committee’s charge. One of those issues was enrollment growth. The proposed Faculty Governance Committee Report on the UNC Tomorrow was approved after some minor revisions.


The final cumulative evaluation of faculty, who have applied for promotion and/or tenure, was discussed. Cumulative evaluation issues were discussed but no action was taken. It will be discussed at the next meeting.


The next meeting of the FGC will be held on April 9, 2008. The Secretary for the meeting will be Mary Gilliland.


Respectfully submitted,


Mark Jones, Professor

FGC Secretary