Faculty Governance Committee Meeting

March 31, 2010

Rawl Annex Room 142


Present: Roberts, Wilson, Sheerer, Horns, Lee, Walker, Martinez, Gilliland, Rigsby, Hugh, Bailey, Payne, and Zoller


Chair Martinez called the meeting to order at 3:10 PM.


Part XIII Promotion and Tenure Timeline changes were discussed. Motion to accept was made and carried. These changes will now go to the Agenda Committee for inclusion at the April 20th Senate meeting.


Catherine Rigsby (member of the Unit Code Subcommittee) stated that work on revisions to Appendix L in connection with guidelines for Unit Code Revision will continue and will be presented at the 4/28/10 meeting of this committee. A suggestion was made by Ken Wilson that the Unit Code Screening Committee post on their website changes which must be made to unit codes so that these changes are made as units make code revisions.


Faculty Manual Part III - Academic Freedom committee decided to table any approval until further discussion is had on this issue.


Committee discussed the work schedule over the summer for revising Appendix C and D. It was agreed that this is necessary for the amount of work to be completed in order to meet established deadlines. The work schedule for over the first summer session will be decided at the 4/14/10 meeting.


The committee will invite members of the Hearing Committee to the 4/14/10 meeting in order to discuss revisions to Appendix D.


The committee will request feedback from Deirdre Mageean at the 4/28/10 meeting in connection with Joint Appointments and Innovation.


In connection with the Survey for the Evaluation of BSOM Chairs, Puri Martinez had received from Dr. Paul Cunningham a request for guidance in whether he can stopped using the IDEA Survey and administer his own. The committee discussed this issue and it was decided that this was not under our authority but that Puri would advise Dr. Cunningham to continue using the IDEA survey until the Chancellor gave permission to do otherwise.


Meeting was adjourned at 5:00 PM


Respectfully submitted,

Christine Zoller