Faculty Governance Committee Minutes   April 9, 2008


Regular members present: Bailey, Gilliland, Jones, Martinez, Morrison, Justiniano, Rigsby


Regular members absent: none


Ex-officio members present: Horns, Mageean, Pagliari, Taggart


Ex-officio members absent: Sheerer


Also present: Kristin Bonatz, Hope Murphy; Linda Ingalls, Lori Lee


I. The minutes of the prior meeting were approved.


II. Announcements: Speaking privileges have been granted to Linda Ingalls. Robert Morrison has been appointed as a replacement for John Cope, who recently resigned from the Committee.


III. Agenda Items:

1.     The Faculty Governance Committee Report regarding a proposed revision to the ECU Faculty Manual, Part XII was discussed. Specifically, “One cumulative evaluation … is prepared by the Unit Tenure Committee…. A draft…should be available for discussion by the entire Tenure committee before the vote.” These changes were proposed, and unanimously accepted.  With this language changes are not required for Appendix D and Part XIII.


2.     The status of approval of the Health Science Library’s Code was discussed, specifically causing it to correspond to the Chancellor’s letter of February 24, 2008.  The Faculty Senate officers will contact Health Science Library and the Unit Code Screening Committee and ask that language be changed to: “in accordance with established university policies” instead of “as specified in Appendix L” as a friendly amendment. These changes were proposed, and unanimously accepted.


3.     The Academic Standards Committee’s statement on the Student Opinion of Instruction Survey was discussed, specifically, that we the proposed language is too prescriptive and does not relate well to graduate studies, nursing, or medicine.  We anticipate that faculty would support a document requiring that evaluation of faculty not be limited to the SOIS. This committee recommends more general language to Academic Standards Committee, “Quality of teaching must be evaluated by multiple methods as found in the unit codes and may include….” These changes were proposed, and unanimously accepted.  This will allow Academic Standards to report make its to the Faculty Senate on April 22.  This will also allow Faculty Governance to say that the report has been reviewed and we agree with it.  Additional brief discussion centered around the need for committees to work together better.  Other committees are presenting the Senate with matters which are part of the charge of Faculty Governance.


4.     Continued discussion of the Review of Administrators document.


a.      Continuing with 5. Proposed language to include: “process, timeframe, manner in which the information will be retrieved and handled (including confidentiality).”  NOTE: Lori is said to have gotten this, I didn’t.

b.     In “6. Review Reporting”, the first paragraph, “Before the final report…” was acceptable.  The next two paragraphs were omitted.  These changes were proposed, and unanimously accepted.

c.      In the section beginning “The report should:”

                                                  i.      The word “clearly” was removed from “c”.

                                                ii.      e” was revised to “Provide both the strengths and weaknesses of the administrator, outline suggestions for improvements, and suggested actions which may range from commendation to termination.”

                                              iii.      Omit the sentence about “…continue its work…”

                                              iv.      The last sentence was accepted in its present language.

                                                v.      These changes were proposed, and unanimously accepted.


5.     The next meeting of the FGC will be held April 23.

a.      Start with a completion of the discussion of the Review of Administrators beginning with “8. After the Review”.

b.     Next, address the Scholarship report.

c.      The Secretary for the meeting will be determined.


Respectfully submitted,


MGF Gilliland, Professor

FGC Secretary