Faculty Governance Committee Minutes April 23, 2008


Members present: Taggart, Martinez, Morrison, Jones, Horns, Bailey, and Gilliland


Members absent: Justiniano, Sheerer, Mageean, Rigsby and Pagliari


Also present: Hope Murphy, Lori Lee, Kristen Bonatz, and Linda Ingalls


I. The minutes of the previous meeting were approved.


II. Old Business

A. The draft of the Committee’s annual report – prepared by Chair Martinez – were discussed, amended and approved. The report will be posted on the Committee web site.


B. The five year review of administrators was discussed, amended and approved.


            C. Attachment 1 from the agenda was approved.


D. Horns’s suggested modification to the guiding principle to the five year review of administrators was discussed and approved.


E. Bailey stated an objection to the document, specifically that administrators’ accomplishments may not be reflected in the document.


The next meeting will be held in the Fall, 2008 semester.