Minutes of Faculty Governance Committee Meeting

September 9, 2009

Rawl Annex 142


Present: Bailey, Gilliland, Horns, Mageean, Matrinez (chair), Hughes, Roberts, Ingalls, Murphy, Wilson, Walker, Rigsby, Sheerer, Zoller


The meeting was called to order by chair Martinez at 3:03 PM. 


Moved (Martinez)


App. D.IV.E.2.c


c.  In the case of recommendations  for new appointments contract renewal recommendations for faculty members currently holding fixed-term appointments, each member of the unit Personnel Committee will indicate by secret ballot his or her choice for or against  the recommendation recommending a new appointment contract renewal.  This vote may be taken at a committee meeting or by mail ballot as described in Section IV. E.2b.  A vote for the recommendation by a majority of the committee members present shall constitute a recommendation for a new appointment reemployment.  A member who is present when a vote is taken but who does not vote counts as part of the membership of the committee for the purposes of determining what constitutes a majority vote.  Failure to obtain a majority vote constitutes a recommendation against a new appointment. contract renewal. (Faculty Senate Resolution #03-30) “Unit Administrators will provide candidates for Tenure and/or Promotion with copies of their external review letters.” The motion passed.


Motion passed.


Moved (Bailey) Delete D.V.C.   The motion passed.


Next meeting: September 16, 2009. 3:00 PM.  Discuss: Faculty Load.


The meeting adjourned at 4:52 PM.