Faculty Governance Committee Meeting

September 16, 2009

Rawl 235


Members Present: Bailey, Gilliland, Martinez (chair), Hughes, Roberts, Walker, Wilson, Rigsby, Mageean, Sheerer


Members Absent:  Zoller, Horns,


Others Present:  Murphy (UA office liaison, Locklear (guest)


The meeting was called to order by chair Martinez shortly after 3:00 PM. 


Hughes reported that he has contacted the lawyer at GA, who said he will be back in contact with him sometime next week.  At that time we should have answered to some of our questions about GA’s comments on App. D.


Extensive discussion on the draft Faculty Workload Regulations policy.  The Provost said that she and the team she has writing the policy will rethink the draft based on today’s discussion and get back to the committee with a revised draft.


The meeting was adjourned at 4: PM.