COMMITTEE: Faculty Welfare


MEETING DATE: September 9, 2010


REGULAR MEMBERS IN ATTENDANCE: K. DuBose, J. Reisch, A. Ivanescu, K. Ferguson, M. Hartley, C. Avenarius, L. Warren


EX-OFFICIO MEMBERS IN ATTENDANCE: C. Locklear, L. Ingalls, S. Simpson, J. Dembo


OTHERS IN ATTENDANCE: M. Walker, J. Toller, RA. Cook




Agenda Item: Election of Officers


Action Taken: The following committee members were elected to offices: K. DuBose, Chair; J. Reisch, Vice-Chair; Secretary position will rotate between the members each month in alphabetical order.


Agenda Item: Meeting Times


Committee members agreed to change the Thursday start time from 3:00 to 3:30 PM because the chair had a conflict with the 3:00 time.


Agenda Item: Committee Goals for 2010-2011


After discussion of carry over business from 2009-2010 and new items, the committee agreed to address the following items this year:


         Faculty Manual revisions

         Faculty taking or auditing classes

         Faculty salary study reviewing resolution #05-35

         Faculty scholarly reassignment

         Spousal hiring policy

         Supplemental pay policy


         Campus child care facility


Additional Duties: Committee members who worked on the attachments 1-4 regarding items for the Faculty Manual (FM) last year will review the attachments and report on the changes to be voted on at the next meeting. Also K. DuBose will organize and distribute information related to items in the FM that still need to be reviewed, but work was begun last year.


K. DuBose will contact John Chen concerning the discussion on volunteering that started in the Faculty Welfare and will advise him to consult with Tim Wiseman in Enterprise Risk Management about the project as the project is not solely a faculty issue.


NEXT MEETING: October 14, 2010 3:30 PM




K. DuBose will work on an agenda for that meeting.


The meeting adjourned 4:45 PM


Respectfully submitted,


Katrina D. DuBose