MEETING DATE:  October 18, 2006


PERSON PRESIDING:   Marianna Walker  


REGULAR MEMBERS IN ATTENDANCE:   Salman Abdulali, Juan Daneri, Michael Duffy, Marianna Walker, James Wirth  


EX-OFFICIO MEMBERS IN ATTENDANCE:   Larry Boyer, Kathy Cable, Elmer Poe, Dorothy Spencer, Beth Winstead



ACTIONS OF MEETING: Minutes of the September 20 meeting were approved


Walker welcomed Dr. Boyer to the committee; Boyer introduced himself. He noted that the Library has not yet received its budget from the University.


The leak in the third-floor ceiling of Joyner Library was noted; Boyer and Winstead commented on this event and mentioned that there are steps in place to deal with it; Dr. Spencer remarked that the Health Science Library is working on a disaster plan.


Spencer reported on activities in the Health Science Library; Nursing and Allied Health are now close to Laupus. Spencer commented that the library is no longer a warehouse and study hall; it functions more as a clearinghouse with electronic media widely available. The virtual library is growing and available 24/7. She noted that there is an acoustical problem in the open plan of the new building that has generated complaints from users trying to study in the 3rd floor open stacks areas. Despite this, students are once again asking for Laupus Library to extend its hours of operation. The preference is for extended hours on Sunday and Thursday. Historically, the cost of running the building at night was not justified by the number of actual users. Spencer said that the library will survey use by patrons before making any changes to service hours.


The library is also working with ITCS to revitalize the Computer Lab in Brody for use by medical students as a 24/7 study center as soon as the swipe card system and security cameras can be updated. Unfortunately, Brody is a controlled space that does not benefit all students.


Walker asked if the committee could hold its next meeting in the new Health Science Library. It was agreed that the November meeting would be held at 3 pm on November 15 in the Health Sciences Library, Room 1506.


Boyer said that he is still in the process of visiting the different areas of the library. He would then like to visit schools and departments throughout the University. The liaisons will be involved in this process and strengthened as a result of the connections that are made or enhanced.


Walker commented to Boyer how the Libraries Committee has sought to have an ex-officio member from the Research Council. The committee discussed the response from the Committee on Committees at its September meeting to the Libraries Committee proposal for representation. Committee members felt that the libraries and the Libraries Committee should be made aware of research policies, goals and planning at the University level.


The committee adopted Winsteadís recommendation for inviting the Research Council to establish a working relationship with the University community.Spencer noted that the administration could better explain the funding formula for research and how money earmarked for research can be returned to the libraries and colleges.


Walker would like the committee to review policies and procedures for document delivery and interlibrary loan with both libraries. There is some confusion among faculty about the services available. Winstead and Spencer noted that there was a choice of services; we could explain why services operate differently, and how external delivery is carried out. Spencer noted that document delivery is declining due to the success of the virtual library. With the virtual library, we can access material electronically and the delivery time is 2 or more hours. Winstead noted that we still have to borrow books for scholarly purposes.


Walker asked that the committee consider the difficulties existing for departments who use books in both libraries and explore options for libraries services that are available to faculty who access resources in both Joyner and Laupus.


Another important item for future discussion is the parking shortage that exists around Joyner and the Health Sciences Library.


Committee members will think of further goals for 2006/2007.


The meeting adjourned at 4:10 pm


NEXT MEETING: November 15 at 3 pm in Health Sciences Library, room 1506


Respectfully submitted,


Michael Duffy